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Home » The Faraway Paladin Season Finale Explained: Will There Be A Season 2?

The Faraway Paladin Season Finale Explained: Will There Be A Season 2?

The Faraway Paladin Season Finale

The Faraway Paladin Season Finale concluded a few weeks ago, and the official anime websites have confirmed the return of another season. The first season of The Faraway Paladin has concluded after completing twelve episodes. Let’s look at the ending of the episode finale of the anime and the latest update of this anime. The Faraway Paladin reveals a human boy named William raised by monsters since he never learned about his parents. William grew up knowing that Marry, Gus, and Blood are his parents despite knowing that those three are monsters.

Gus trains Willian mentally, and Blood helps William with physical training. Marry helped William with his manner and treated her like a son. The trio loved to call him Will, and Marry was glad that they had a son. They knew that William would face ferocious demons soon, and they must prepare him for that. Blood, Gus, and Marry didn’t tell William about an army that a demon army that will rise in the future and that they would disappear. But Blood teaches William how to kill and realizes that William hesitates since humans believe they don’t have to kill. William learns that he will face demons one day, and he has to kill.

William learns how the trio lives and the Goddess they praise. Marry reveals the Goddess statues inside the temple and teaches William the history of the Goddess. Gus also helped William with the history of demons and humans and the war between demons and humankind. William knows that he will stop the war between those two races one day, but it will take time. One day Blood heads out with William, and they explore the forest while he teaches William how to kill.

The Faraway Paladin Season Finale
The Faraway Paladin Season Finale

The Faraway Paladin Season Finale Summary

William and Blood begin with the training and also explore different adventures. But he was worried when William failed to kill the birds. It takes William weeks to get used to killing creatures in the forest. Blood knows that William will understand the methods of his training one day. They continue with intense daily training, and Blood always has a mind to tease Marry and realizes that if he makes William drunk, they can mess with Marry. Marry knows that William will never go out of hand. But she was surprised when William and Blood returned home drunk.

William apologized and told Marry that Blood was the one who came with the idea to watch her getting naked. Marry, forgive her for that since she didn’t get naked in front of them. But in the morning, Blood teased William for having wet dreams after noting that Willian was washing his pants. William knew that the day of the showdown had arrived, and he had to defeat Blood since it was their final training. Blood didn’t hold back during the showdown, but the battle ended with a tie after Blood tricked William. Marry scolded Blood for pulling that old trick since he promised her that he would never do such things.

Demon Stagnate arrives knowing that Gus, Blood, and Marry’s contract has expired. He asks them to bow before him, or they will die. Gus wanted to handle the matter alone, but William refused to leave. They battle with Stagnate, who defeated the trio and had 1v1 with Wiliam. But William refuses to accept the offer and kills Stagnate inside the temple. After two hundred years, Willian meets with Menel, Bishop Budley, and King Ethel. They rebuild the Beast Wood forest and chase the demons away. William decided to protect humans from demons.

The Faraway Paladin Season FinaleThe Faraway Paladin Season Finale
The Faraway Paladin Season Finale

Will There Be The Faraway Paladin Season 2?

According to the anime’s official platforms, “The Faraway Paladin Season 2” is TBA. The official sources and Twitter account have confirmed the return of The Faraway Paladin. The anime is also titled “Saihate no Paladin 2nd Season” by the official websites and other official sources. The latest update of the previous season is available online on Chrunchyroll, VRV, Bilibili Global, Twitter accounts, and other official websites. The release date for The Faraway Paladin Season 2 will be confirmed soon online. You can read the episode finale here: The Giant Demons Arrives In The Faraway Paladin Episode 12.

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