The First Great Train Robbery Filming Locations

The 1978 British heist neo-noir crime movie The First Great Train Robbery would be the favorite movie for many classic lovers. And if you wanna know where were the filming locations of The First Great Train Robbery, then you are in the right place as we will be looking in detail about that. The movie is loosely based on the Great gold robbery of 1855, where a cracksman named William Pierce led a theft where he stole a trainload of gold that was shipped to the British Army during the Crimean War.

Speaking about the original robbery, it is said that almost £12,000 (equal to £1,146,490 today) worth of gold coin and ingots was stolen by Pierce and his accomplices from the London-to-Folkestone passenger train. His team includes a clerk in the railway offices and a skilled screwsman. The robbery was well planned with a year’s worth of research. They made duplicate keys from wax impressions for the locks on the safes and had also bribed the train’s guard. These instances inspired Kellow Crichton, the author of the book and the screenplay, and wrote his 1970 book The Victorian Underworld. Now let us look in detail at The First Great Train Robbery filming locations and some interesting facts.

Where Was The First Great Train Robbery Filmed
Screengrab from The First Great Train Robbery

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The First Great Train Robbery Filming Locations

As we have mentioned before, The First Great Train Robbery was loosely based on a true story, and while making the story into a movie, the production team has worked their best to make it believable and entertaining. The filming locations of The First Great Train Robbery have been set in many locations, including London and Kent, but most of the filming took place in Ireland. The Trinity College in Dublin and the Kent Railway Station in Cork have also made it into the film as one of its prime locations.

The scenes in the movie where the train was moving were filmed in the Mullingar to Athlone railway line and Castletown Geoghegan Station. But if you are planning to visit this railway line, then, unfortunately, you won’t be able to as this railway line was closed later. The Ashford Station was Moate railway station in the movie.

Behind The Scene Stories

After buying the film rights of the novel by Kellow Crichton, he was again assigned as the screenplay writer for the movie. For the movie, Crichton deliberately wanted it to be different from his book as he wanted the movie to be far from facts since the book had already mentioned a story close to reality. Most characters in the film were inspired by real-life people, and the only completely fictional character in the film is Miriam.

When Sean Connery was approached to direct for the film, he turned down the offer after reading the script, judging it as too heavy. Thankfully he was asked to reconsider after reading the novel, and after meeting Crichton, Sean changed his mind. The First Great Train Robbery locomotive had several modifications, including coverings for wheels and side rods, and the roof of the boogies was also removed.

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There is also another movie of the same name that was released back in 1903. The 1978 version took inspiration from this movie where two scenes, one where Pierce is on top of the train, and another where a person is thrown off the moving train. The stunts performed had many risks, including Connery slipping between the jumps and nearly falling off the train. He also had difficulties due to the smoke and cinders from the locomotive.

The First Great Train Robbery Cast

The First Great Train Robbery had a pretty good range of actors, including Sean Connery as Edward Pierce. In The First Great Train Robbery movie, Lesley-Anne played the role of Miriam, as she was widely appreciated for her performance. Donald Sutherland as Agar, Alan Webb as Trent, Robert Lang as Sharp, Malcolm Terris as Henry Fowler, and Michael Elphick as Burgess were some other cast members joining the crew.

The robbers had also duplicate keys to open the safe

Other than that, we have Wayne Sleep starring as Clean Willy, Gabrielle Lloyd and Pamela Salem as Elizabeth Trent and Emily Trent, George Downing as Barlow, James Cossins as Harranby, Peter Benson as Station Master, André Morell as Judge, Janine Duvitski as Maggie, Peter Butterworth as Putnam and Geoffrey Ferris as Pickpocket.

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