The Flash Movie Releases a Heartbreaking Promo for Mother’s Day

ezra miller as they appear as the titular hero of the upcoming The Flash feature film from DC Studios

Warner Bros. has released an emotional, maternally centered trailer for The Flash — appropriately enough on Mother’s Day.

The 30-second promotional video focuses on Barry Allen’s relationship with his mom. Or more specifically, Nora Allen’s death when Barry was a child — and his later ill-fated attempt to bring her back. “I love you, monkey,” Nora tells a young Barry. “I love you more,” Barry retorts.

“I loved you first,” Nora decisively adds.


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The Flash deals with an adult but still-distraught Barry travelling back in time to prevent Nora’s murder. His attempt drastically alters reality and changes history. And the result is a modern-day dystopia complete with a Kryptonian incursion — far darker than the reality he knows.

Barry realizes he needs to fix the hellish alternate reality he’s created. Along the way, he enlists the help of none other than Batman. That is, Michael Keaton’s Batman, who reprises his role from the titular 1989 film and its 1992 successor, Batman Returns.

Does Barry Allen Save His Mother This Time?

The Flash’s plot is largely based on DC’s 2011 Flashpoint storyline by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert. In that event, Barry succeeded in saving his mother. However, in doing so, he unleashed a dark new history that included the death of a young Bruce Wayne, a drastically altered characterization of Superman, and the nations of Atlantis and Themyscira at war. Several companion mini-series explored these altered histories and other events. Flashpoint served as a reboot of DC continuity, ushering in the publisher’s “New 52” era.

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Notably, the comic storyline featured Thomas Wayne becoming a darker version of Batman. In the Flashpoint reality, Bruce was killed in Crime Alley rather than his parents. A driven Thomas took on the role and has since been featured in various DC storylines. Notable stories included the Batman/Flash crossover “The Button,” centered on the discovery of the Comedian’s iconic smiley face button within the DCU. The Flashpoint incarnation of Batman was also a key character in Tom King’s “City of Bane” arc in Batman.

Flashpoint was also loosely adapted in the Arrowverse series The Flash on The CW. Fallout from the event carried into other Arrowverse series such as Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. A 2013 DC Universe Animated Original Movie also adapted the storyline. The animated film kicked off a series of new DC animated features from Warner Bros.

The Flash opens in theaters June 16.

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