The Flash’s 10 Closest Allies

Impulse, Green Lantern, and Kid Flash in DC comics in side by side images

One of DC’s greatest heroes, The Flash is the most famous speedster superhero in comics. First appearing in 1940, The Flash has dramatically evolved over the years and has taken part in almost all of DC’s most significant comic events. Unlike most other DC superheroes, The Flash is a title that numerous characters have shared for decades: Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West, etc.

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As a result of this massively shared mantle, The Flash has acquired many reliable allies over the years. From some of the most outstanding members of teams like the Justice League and the Justice Society to low-level sidekicks, The Flash has an extensive list of allies.

10 Batman Is One Of Barry Allen’s Closest Friends

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Like most other characters in the DC Universe, Barry Allen’s continuity was reset at the beginning of the New 52. As a result, Barry’s origin was changed to include the death of his mother, Nora Allen, an important figure for him during his original superhero years.

Dealing with the loss of a parent, Barry found friendship in Batman as the two helped each other overcome their devastating losses. Even before the New 52, Barry and Batman were close allies. In fact, Bruce referred to pre-New 52 Barry Allen as “the kind of man I would have hoped to become had my parents not been murdered before my eyes.”

9 Linda Park Is Married To Wally West

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A reporter from Keystone City, Linda Park first met Wally West when she was sent to cover an incident with the Porcupine Man. Though she initially found Wally arrogant and self-centered, the two started dating after Wally invited her to his housewarming party.

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In a critical moment for their relationship, Wally stopped Linda from moving away from Keystone City and convinced her to stay with him. In recent years Wally and Linda have become parents to Jai and Iris West, two kids who quickly developed speedster powers. As a result of parenting two speedsters, Linda has a connection to the speed force that significantly affects her physiology.

8 The Justice Society Is A Critical Part Of Jay Garrick’s Life

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One of the most influential superhero teams in comics history, the Justice Society of America first assembled in 1940. Though the team has evolved quite a bit over the decades, the original roster was made up of DC’s most famous heroes of the era, including the original Flash, Jay Garrick.

Though the original era of the JSA didn’t have an official leader, the Flash was viewed by many as one of the most important members of the team, alongside heroes like Hawkman and Green Lantern. As the JSA has continued to grow over the years, Jay has been included in nearly every iteration of the team and often serves as a mentor for younger members.

7 Jesse Quick Is A Member Of The Flash Family

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Daughter of the golden age superheroes Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle, Jesse Quick gained access to the speed force through a secret formula created by her dad. Though she initially dedicated her life to studying past heroes, an encounter with a new version of the JSA resulted in her becoming a costumed crime fighter.

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Jesse first came of aid to the Flash Family when Wally West tasked her with teaching Bart Allen to harness his super speed. Jesse is a critical member of the Flash Family in the modern DC Universe, having saved both Barry Allen and Wally West from certain doom.

6 Joan Williams Is Married To Jay Garrick

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A character who made her debut in the same comic as the original Flash, Joan Williams is an important figure in Jay Garrick’s life. Though Joan doesn’t have nearly as many official appearances in DC continuity as other Flash love interests like Linda Park and Iris West, Joan’s impact on Jay is felt nonetheless.

Jay has told other members of the Flash Family about the numerous times he considered giving up the fight, but his stories always end with Joan motivating Jay to keep fighting for good. Like Jay and other golden age DC characters, Joan was temporarily erased from history when Doctor Manhattan changed reality.

5 Justice Incarnate Welcomed Avery Ho

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One of the newest members of the Flash Family, Avery Ho gained access to the speed force after a massive speed force storm rocked Central City. Though she was initially unable to control her powers, the mentorship of Barry Allen helped her quickly overcome them.

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A member of Justice League China, Avery was invited to join the Justice League Incarnate, an alternate version of the Justice League made up of heroes from different universes. As the team’s Prime Earth representative, she rallied the original Justice League to fight the forces of darkness in the recent DC Comics event, Dark Crisis​​​​.

4 Iris West Is Married To Barry Allen

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Initially a freelance photographer in Central City, Iris West first met Barry Allen while reporting a suspected murder. Charmed by Barry’s honesty and maturity, Iris and Barry started dating and married soon after. Also the aunt of Wally West, Iris is an ally of the Flash in more ways than one, as she plays a critical role in both Barry and Wally’s lives.

Like Wally and Linda, Iris and Barry eventually had kids together named Dawn and Don Allen, two kids who later went on to be the Tornado Twins. Though Iris doesn’t have powers, she’s played important roles in numerous DC events like Dark Knights: Metal and the currently ongoing “Flash War.”

3 Hal Jordan Is Barry Allen’s Best Friend

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Barry Allen has a seemingly endless list of influential figures and friends in his life, but few have been there longer than the first human member of the Green Lantern Corps, Hal Jordan. Not just fellow members of the Justice League, Barry and Hal are close on an emotional level as the two often share their thoughts and frustrations when they aren’t fighting villains.

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On top of having their own six-issue team-up series in Flash & Green Lantern: The Brave and the Bold, the two have guest-starred in each other’s solo comics dozens of times. Accordingly, Hal becomes close with other members of the Flash Family, like Wally West and Bart Allen.

2 Impulse Is Barry Allen’s Grandson

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A character born in the 30th century, Bart Allen, AKA Impulse, is the grandson of Barry Allen and Iris West. Traveling back in time to continue Allen’s legacy, Bart joined the Flash Family, but time travel made his aging process inconsistent and unpredictable.

After the comic event Infinite Crisis, Bart briefly served as The Flash until he was killed by the Rogues, some of The Flash’s most powerful villains. In the New 52, Bart was trapped in the Speed Force and left behind until Barry and Wally broke the Force Barrier, freeing him from captivity. Lately, Impulse has served as a core member of Young Justice and the Teen Titans.

1 Kid Flash Is The Flash’s Official Sidekick

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An essential member of the Flash Family, Kid Flash serves as The Flash’s sidekick. Like The Flash, Kid Flash is a mantle that has passed through many hands. The Original Kid Flash was Wally West, but characters like Bart Allen and Wallace West also used the titles.

On top of being a core member of the Flash Family, Kid Flash has consistently served as a critical member of one of DC’s most important superhero teams, the Teen Titans. Though the design has changed over the years, Kid Flash’s tradition is to wear a yellow costume with red trim, the opposite of The Flash’s costume.

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