The Gathering-Like Trading Card Game

Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Leia Organa stand ready for battle in front of Darth Vader

The Star Wars franchise is making the leap into the hotly-contested galaxy of trading card games.

Fantasy Flight and Asmodee announced that the companies are partnering with Lucasfilm to make Star Wars: Unlimited, a TCG based on the iconic sci-fi universe. The companies described the experience as a “fast-paced, dynamic game that is both easy to learn and strategically deep” that has been in development for three years. The cards themselves will represent everything from Star Wars heroes and villains to planets and vehicles, all of which have been pulled from the movies, TV shows, video games and comics. It’s currently unknown if Unlimited is sticking to current canon or if it will be pulled from Legacy, the stories which were retconned and collected into their own timeline when Disney purchased Lucasfilm in 2012.


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Fantasy Flight further confirmed that Organized Play, a popular online platform designed to support tabletop board and role-playing games, will be fully integrated with Star Wars: Unlimited when it launches in 2024. Players can expect multiple expansions which will be released in three unique sets over the course of a year. “Alternate cards and special treatments” will also be available for enthusiasts looking to mainly collect rather than play.

Star Wars Deals a New Hand

“Ensuring this game was accessible to all players was key for us, so whether you are a casual player, competitor, or collector, there’s something for everyone in this game,” said Jim Cartwright, Product Strategy Director for Fantasy Flight Games. “Straightforward mechanics are the driving force behind the design. It’s clean and concise with no gimmicks – a card game in its purest form.”

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Star Wars: Unlimited is the culmination of FFG’s rich history mixed with the celebrated Star Wars brand. As a studio, we are putting unprecedented resources across every department into this game. We could not be more excited to get this out into the world for everyone to experience,” says Chris Gerber, Fantasy Flight Games Head of Studio. “We can’t wait to show you more.” This isn’t the first time Fantasy Flight has taken a stab at the Star Wars franchise. The company previously released popular titles such as Star Wars: The Card Game, Empire Vs. Rebellion and Destiny.

Star Wars: Unlimited is scheduled to release in 2023 but a specific release date has yet to be confirmed.

Source: Fantasy Flight


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