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Home » THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL – Episode 07 [English Sub]

THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL – Episode 07 [English Sub]

THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL - Episode 07 [English Sub]

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Episode 07 : anima/force
Episode Summary :
1st match of the National Tournament.
In the spearhead match, Mori hit himself in the secret acupuncture point who Bongchim, one of THE SIX, entrusted to him and for some reason, he was unable to move his body and lost.
The following match was against the oldest in the tournament, 38 year old Labourer style user Pumgwang, who Daewi fought against. Daewi got overpowered by powerful attacks honed as a labourer.
Meanwhile, executive committe member Q bears a serious injury from an attack from Drake, a member of Nox.
Q removes his limitter band and borrows power from the gods, using “”Borrowed Power””, he materialises Joker!

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