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Home » THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL – Episode 09 [English Sub]

THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL – Episode 09 [English Sub]

THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL - Episode 09 [English Sub]

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Episode 09 : curse/cornered
Episode Summary :
Mori, upon knowing of his grandfather, Taejin’s confinement, hurries to the place he’s imprisoned.
Both Daewi and Mira who are unknowing of the situation are unable to wait for Mori’s arrival, and Mira participates in the team battle alone. Mira has a tough battle with Marin’s elusive battle style.
Marin, defending against Mira’s pursuing sword attacks, has Mira’s once beloved sword held in his hands.
Marin adopts a stance with the wooden sword called a “”National Treasure”” and it’s blade starts to radiate white light, revealing it’s true form and strength.

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