The Golden Compass Ending Explained

Here, we shall discuss the ending of The Golden Compass. Firstly, this 2007 movie features an amazing ensemble cast composed of Nicole Kidman, Sam Elliott, Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Christopher Lee, and Dakota Blue Richards. Directed by Chris Weitz —famous for doing stoner films like American Pie or Twilight’s “New Moon”—this majestic work takes inspiration from a novel called “Northern Lights” penned by Phillip Pullman.

In this movie, we’re taken to a mythical world where people communicate with demons. We see shapeshifters, flying objects, and animal spirits. Moreover, it’s also a world where a religious order and scientific doctrine rule society in a peculiar way. But how does this movie’s denouement play out? Well, jump with us to find out!

The Golden Compass Ending Explained
How does this movie conclude? Come with us to find out!

The Golden Compass Plot

A theocracy is governed by a liturgical body known as the Magisterium in a retro-futuristic universe. The universe comprises several magical tribes, ranging from air witches to Gyptians, Samoyeds, and ice bears. People’s spirits exist outside of their bodies in the world as “daemons” or animal companions who must remain near their owners. We view Lyra’s world through her own eyes as she plays with Roger, Gyptian boy Billy, and the gang after Lyra’s narration introduces us to “Dust”.

Lyra and her meerkat-cat demon Pan return to Jordan College of Oxford University, her home, after terrifying Billy about a room where scholars punish trespassers. Firstly, Lyra was raised as an orphan by her uncle Lord Asriel, who is engaged in researching Dust, the enigmatic particles that rule the multiverses. Lyra discovers Fra Pavel of the Magisterium poisoning Lord Asriel’s drink and convinces him not to drink it. Lord Asriel delivers an outstanding presentation to the College Council, requesting a travel fund and sneering at the Magisterium member.

Moving To The North Pole

Lord Asriel receives the fund and departs for the north pole, the region of the great bears. Surprisingly, his departure coincides with the entrance of Mrs. Coulter, a college buddy. Lyra is entrusted with the Master of the College’s alethiometer (truth-seeking golden compass) while Lord Asriel is away. Lyra and Mrs. Coulter share a strong bond. Lyra escapes the village after realizing Mrs. Coulter seeks the compass, beginning a long trek to the north pole. Meanwhile, Billy and Roger are Gobbled, and Lyra must unravel the mystery of the missing children.

The Golden Compass Ending ExplainedThe Golden Compass Ending Explained
Sam Elliott as Ragnar Sturlosson

The Golden Compass Ending Explained: What Is Dust?

Dust is a significant attraction in the mythology of Philip Pullman’s universe. The story begins with Dust, which Lyra mentions as the secret link between the multiverses in her voiceover. Even the scientists on Lyra’s planet know little about Dust, which is still the focus of Lord Asriel’s research. Lord Asriel describes how Dust was discovered at the North Pole, encompassing a person and his demon, in his presentation. Dust is something that people cannot fully fathom. On the other hand, Lord Asriel imagines the vast possibilities that the particles open up for them to speak with the parallel worlds.

However, the Magisterium regards envisioning other realities than its own as heresy, and they place certain obstacles in Lord Asriel’s path. Even the Magisterium is aware of Dust’s existence, as evidenced by Lyra’s final conversation with Mrs. Coulter. They consider Dust to be an abnormal material that causes adult ailments. Dust, she claims, does not affect innocent youngsters. When the demon begins to calm down, Dust unleashes all of his negative thoughts and feelings. But humans can’t do anything about Dust since it’s not in their power. As a result, Mrs. Coulter proposes that the Magisterium cut off children’s daemons to keep them “safe.” Intercession is the process of removing one’s daemon, a term Lyra first encounters when reading the General Oblation Board materials.

The Golden Compass Trailer

Where To Watch The Golden Compass?

If you want to watch this movie, you can stream it easily from Netflix. Also, you can rent it or buy it from Amazon Direct Video, Google Play Movies, Vudu Fandango, the Microsoft Store, Red Box, AMC on Demand and DirecTV. That’s all the time we have for this topic today, thanks for your attention. Happy streaming and see you soon!

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