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The Head Hunter Ending Explained: What Happened To The Last Hunting?

The Head Hunter ending explained

This 2018 fantasy horror film by Jordan Downey is trendy once again. It features Christopher Rygh, Aisha Ricketts, Cora Kaufman. Firstly, it’s about a dude out in the sticks, the cold sticks, who’s an uber-cool bounty hunter in a faraway kingdom. The hunter is patiently waiting for the comeback of a mysterious creature that killed his daughter. This movie is The Head Hunter. This article is about The Head Hunter ending explained in Otakukart.

It’s worth saying that this is a low-budget movie. But that doesn’t mean low quality. On another point, The Warrior is a lone hunter of monsters. He decapitates them and displays the impaled heads on his wall as souvenirs. But now you know where the film’s title comes from. While he has amassed a large number of heads, he still longs to meet the monster who murdered his daughter. His existence is dictated by his need for revenge.

The Head Hunter plot

After losing his daughter in the Dark Ages, a powerful warrior is simply known as “The Father” starts gathering a grisly collection of monster heads that he stakes to the wall of his hut. The Father lives alone in seclusion, with just his horse Jakke for companionship. The majority of his time is spent maintaining his armor, laying traps for animals, visiting his daughter’s grave. And creating a medicinal elixir from monster blood and organs that cures wounds nearly immediately.

The Father makes a fortune as a bounty hunter, tracking down creatures that plague a neighboring nation. When the kingdom has a new reward for The Father to complete, the adjacent castle’s horn blasts, and a fresh bounty is pinned to a big tree outside the castle gates. Throughout the film, he is seen accepting the reward, leaving to track down his target, and returning with the victim’s head, which he hangs to his wall. Many of these expeditions leave The Father injured or disabled, causing him to rely on the elixir to cure himself. He comes on foot after Jakke is slain during one of these hunts. Another reward is offered soon after he has made a burial for his buddy and visited his daughter’s grave. We then see the creature responsible for his daughter’s death, much to his amazement.

The Head Hunter ending explained

The Head Hunter ending explained

The Warrior’s reckoning

He encounters the creature in a cave after trekking far north to an island. He ultimately decapitates the monster after a long struggle and returns home to pay his respects to his daughter. His triumph is short-lived, however, as one of his jars with the elixir he placed near his window is knocked over and drips over the creature’s chopped head, resurrecting it. After learning what happened, The Father plans to chase down the resurrected monster as it seeks a new body.

As night falls, the Father starts a chess match with the monster, which digs up the daughter’s grave and attaches its head to her body. The thing attacks the Father as he follows it to a tiny cave, attempting to attach itself to the Father’s body to replace the one he took it from. The Father seems to be triumphant after removing the creature’s head from his daughter’s body and stabbing it repeatedly punched.

The Head Hunter ending explainedThe Head Hunter ending explained

The Head Hunter ending explained

The Head Hunter ending explained

Eventually, the furious Head Hunter gets his turn to confront this tremendous opponent and looks to be triumphant at first. Removing the beast’s head out of its body. However, as we witness throughout the film. The protagonist heals his wounds using a strange grey fluid. This material, it turns out, also grants the person immortality and has the ability to revive the dead.

The film takes a dramatic turn here when a badly positioned flask of the healing remedy falls upon the severed head of the monster, forcing it to reanimate and hunt for a corpse to use as its own. The exhausted Warrior is presented with the most difficult job of all: defeating the monster once again. But this time, its head is linked to the corpse of his own slain daughter. After another epic battle, the Warrior feels he has finally slain the beast, but the film’s last scene reveals that he has not. As the monster’s head reanimates and attempts to behead the Head Hunter himself, leaving his head skewered as if it were one of his own trophies.

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