The Joker And Comic Characters Who Always Laugh

Split Image: Deapool, The Joker, and Green Goblin laughing in comics

Every comic book character has their own unique power or personality trait that sets them apart from other characters. In some cases, a character’s laugh defines who they are, whether it be because their laugh is a part of their abilities or because they delight in what they are doing.

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The Joker has one of the best-known laughs in comics because he finds every evil deed hilarious. However, he is not the only comic character who laughs. Across DC and Marvel comics, at least one character always finds something funny, whether it be themselves, the world around them, or the misfortune of others.



10 Hobgoblin

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Hobgoblin has been a controversial character in Spider-Man comics, but his laugh ranks among the most unnerving in the franchise. Throughout the different versions of the character Hobgoblin has retained his laughter as he attacks his foes with pumpkin bombs and his Goblin Glider.

When Phil Urich took up the mantle, Hobgoblin’s laugh became a part of his arsenal and was combined with other technologies to help him cause destruction. Hobgoblin is often compared to Green Goblin because they share similar traits, with a menacing laugh being one of the most notable.

9 The Batman Who Laughs

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As the name would suggest, the Batman Who Laughs is an alternate version of the Caped Crusader who laughs and acts more like the Joker than Bruce Wayne. As part of the Dark Multiverse and Earth-22, the new version of Batman is infected with Joker Venom, which changes him into a new villainous version of himself.

Eventually, Batman laughs at everything dark and evil in the world—even his appearance changes to fit more of the Joker’s style. The Batman Who Laughs sees laughing as the answer to all his problems and is a warning to those near him that an attack is coming.

8 Deadpool

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Unlike villains in Marvel who can’t stop laughing at their evil deeds, Deadpool is always laughing because he finds himself to be the funniest person in the world. Known as the Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool is always cracking a joke or poking fun at his allies and foes.

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His scene of humor is one of his most significant assets as it helps Deadpool get through the more gruesome parts of his life, but it also gives his comics a balance of humor and gore. Deadpool can find something to laugh about even in the most challenging situations.

7 Human Torch/Johnny Storm

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Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch, has been accused of being one of the most distracted Marvel heroes because of his prankster ways. As part of the Fantastic Four, Johnny is responsible for focusing on the villain who is trying to destroy the world.

However, he often gets focused on trying to get others to laugh with him by picking on his teammates or flirting. Johnny is younger than the rest of his hero friends, highlighting his immaturity and how often he laughs things off.

6 Harley Quinn

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Harley Quinn doesn’t laugh as much as her on-again, off-again boyfriend, the Joker, but she is known to let out her own laughs when she is bashing bad guys or heroes, depending on which version of Harley fans are reading. No matter what side of evil Harley is on, she always finds joy in combat and laughs through many fights.

She also makes snarky comments that she finds hilarious but others find annoying. Harley Quinn makes herself laugh more than anyone else, but her laughter also marks her mental health. The more she laughs, the more heartless Harley becomes.

5 The Jackal

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The Jackal is one of the lesser-known villains from the Spider-Man franchise but has a menacing laugh that defines him as a character. The Jackal follows the formula of other Spider-Man villains as he was initially a scientist but used his talents to corrupt himself. Jackal’s laugh is evil and comes out when he explains a scheme or thinks he has finally earned his revenge on Spider-Man.

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When the Jackal was introduced, his character wasn’t in a permanent state of being. Dr. Miles Warren created the Jackal and would turn into his alter-ego when angered. His evil laugh signaled that he was turning into the green-skinned villain.

4 Madcap

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Like many villains, Madcap didn’t start as someone who laughed at their own declining mental state. Madcap was once a man of faith, but after an accident and exposure to dangerous chemicals, he lost the ability to feel pain. This caused Madcap great mental distress and turned him into a Mad Hatter-type character.

No matter the hero he faces off with, Madcap is seen snickering and laughing during his attacks and planning stages. Much like the Joker and Harley Quinn, Madcap’s laughter hints at how he is fairing mentally, and the more he laughs, the worse he is.

3 Green Goblin

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Green Goblin has one of the most iconic laughs in Marvel. His high-pitched cackle signals to everyone around that evil is coming, and they better get out of the way before it is too late. Everything evil is funny to Green Goblin. His laugh is often heard when he is throwing grenades and battling with Spider-Man.

Spider-Man and Green Goblin have faced off in some of Marvel’s best comics, with the glider-riding villain laughing his way through them all. Green Goblin’s laugh isn’t one of his powers, but it is a great distraction when he attacks.

2 The Creeper

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The Creeper faces off with Batman in DC Comics and uses his maniacal laugh to get under the skin of his enemies. His laughter would disorient heroes, making it easier for him to subdue them with his other powers.

Many comic panels show the Creeper’s laugh filling up the space in the setting to illustrate how much the character laughs and how unnerving it would be to have that sound surrounding someone. His laugh is so powerful it causes ear pain for many heroes, which allows the Creeper to escape.

1 The Joker

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The Joker has laughed his way through the best Batman comics and into the hearts of DC fans. As his name suggests, the Joker doesn’t take many things seriously, even though his plans have dire consequences. As Batman’s most well-known foe, Joker laughs at Batman’s attempts to stop him. He also laughs at the pain of others, as he sees it as insignificant compared to his own life experiences.

No matter the writer or illustrator of a comic, they always make Joker’s laugh his most prominent trait. Even though his laugh isn’t a superpower, it is still scary and alerts readers and residents of Gotham that something terrible is about to happen.

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