The Last of Us Fans Can’t Get Enough of HBO’s ‘Perfect’ Adaptation

Ellie and Joel in HBO's The Last of Us

Fans flock to social media to express their adoration for the series premiere of HBO’s adaptation of the beloved The Last of Us video game franchise.

Fans of HBO’s The Last of Us proclaimed that the series set the industry’s gold standard for video game adaptations.

Viewers of the post-apocalyptic drama took to social media to share their reactions to the adaptation’s Jan. 15 premiere. Many watchers praised The Last of Us‘ quality, with audiences applauding its faithful adherence to elements of the source material. Others additionally complimented The Last of Us‘ casting choices and the stellar performances of its child actors. Some also went so far as to compare their viewing experience with their playthrough of the original 2013 video game of the same name and how the adaptation successfully translated the title’s tense atmosphere into a different media.

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Critics previously shared the fans’ positive sentiments, with reviews from several popular entertainment websites claiming that The Last of Us succeeded where many other adaptations failed to deliver. Actors Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey notably received high praise for their performances as the series’ leading duo, Joel Miller and Ellie Williams, respectively. Critics additionally praised The Last of Us‘ recreation of the source material’s harsh world and stated that they were eager to see the series explore its setting in future episodes.

The Last of Us

Based on studio developer Naughty Dog’s 2013 hit video game, The Last of Us is set in an alternate 2023, wherein a mutated Cordyceps fungus has infected most of humanity and destroyed modern civilization. The show centers around a smuggler who lives inside the Boston Quarantine Zone, Joel, who is hired to escort a young girl named Ellie on a perilous journey across the ruins of the United States. Naughty Dog developer Neil Druckmann, who created the original video game series, was additionally brought on as a co-creator for the adaptation, wherein he took on the additional roles of writer and executive producer.

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The Greatest Video Game Adaptation

While fans have heralded The Last of Us as the best example of a video game adaptation, not everyone agrees. Infamous director Uwe Boll previously shared a now-deleted post on social media, wherein he claimed 2007’s POSTAL was the best adaptation of a video game title. “POSTAL will be always the best videogame based film ever and one of the best films ever shot,” Boll wrote. “POSTAL has everything [that] is lost in today’s movies.”

The Last of Us is available to stream on HBO Max, with new episodes premiering every Sunday.

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