The Last of Us Fans Can’t Get Over THAT ‘Gross’ Kiss

The Last of Us: Pedro Pascal's Joel sits next to Anna Torv's Tess.

The Last of Us fans react to the gross kiss scene at the end of Episode 2, which highlights a major departure from the original video game.

Spoilers ahead for The Last of Us Season 1, Episode 2, “Infected.”

Fans of The Last of Us are not holding back from expressing their discomfort at the uncomfortable kiss in Episode 2.

The Last of Us viewers were quick to hit Twitter after Tess’ fateful encounter with an infected in the show’s second episode, appropriately titled “Infected.” Towards the end of the episode, Tess is preparing to sacrifice herself to save Joel and Ellie after being bitten by a Clicker. She pours gasoline, and dumps grenades, all over the floor as a horde of infected approach the Capitol Building. However, as Tess struggles to ignite her lighter, an infected creeps up to her and allows its tendrils to go from its mouth into hers.

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The Last of Us’ Cordyceps Kiss

In addition to highlighting how gross the scene was, many fans are also expressing their confusion over this apparent change to The Last of Us canon. In the 2013 video game, characters often had to put on masks to avoid being exposed to cordyceps spores. However, the show’s creators have claimed they thought it was best to replace spores with tendrils. “We had talked about how we’re in a genre that’s popular, and there are a lot of different versions of stories of an outbreak. We did our best to find what’s unique about our story and world. For our clickers, we lifted them from the game, and kept them as is. But for the more recently infected, we had a lot of conversations about what else can we do with the vector other than bites,” Neil Druckmann, creator of the game and executive producer on the HBO show, said.

As well as making some changes to how the infection spreads, The Last of Us Episode 2 also revealed how the cordyceps infection began. As seen in the opening of the episode, the outbreak started at a flour factory in Jakarta, Indonesia, when an employee attacked several co-workers. Mycology professor Ibu Ratna is taken to a facility to view one of the infected, and sees the tendrils exiting its mouth first-hand. Afterwards, she chillingly urges the military to drop a bomb on Jakarta, insisting that’s the only way to stop the infection from spreading.

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The Last of Us Hints a Flour Connection to the Infected

The Last of Us showrunner Craig Mazin wanted to be “pretty explicit” when showing how the fungus spread across the globe. Mazin urges fans to run with the theory that the infection stared at the flour mill, as there is other evidence in the show that backs it up. For example, fans noticed that Joel and Sarah avoided eating foods with flour in them in Episode 1. “We liked the idea of that science, and we try as best we can to make sure that our research all connects. She asks where it happened, and the guy says a flour factory on the west side of the city. We are absolutely talking about — there is the world’s largest flour mill in Jakarta — so that’s a fine theory and I think people should keep running with it,” he said.

The Last of Us is available to stream on HBO Max and premieres weekly on Sundays on HBO.

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