The Last Straight Man Movie Ending Explained (Article ready)

Today, we will be looking to get The Last Straight Man Movie Ending Explained. This is a 2014 movie by Mark Bessenger, as he tries to narrate the story of two men and how they fall victim to their sexuality. It is not truly their sexuality that drives the story, but the inability to accept one’s emotions. Men often resort to try and hide their emotions, hiding them deep within them. This is due to the common saying or dilemma that sees men as weak if they were to cry, get emotional, or even let out their emotions. The Last Straight Man features two men as they do their best not to fall prey to their feelings. But all these leads are to pain and regrets. While this film, on the surface, looks like a sex-themed movie, it deals with elements that have a much deeper meaning.

The Last Straight Man is a 2014 film directed by Mark Bessenger. This film stars two main lead actors, Mark Cirillo, and Scott Sell. Mark Cirillo takes on the role of a closeted gay man named Lewis. Meanwhile, Scott Sell takes upon the role of a straight man named Cooper. The two were best friends, and Cooper was soon about to get married. But there was a minor issue as Lewis had a secret crush on Cooper. But nevertheless, respecting his best friend, he simply arranged for a bachelor party for him.

That night as the two best friends were drinking, they got very close and personal together, leading them to make love all night. The next day, Cooper is full of regrets but is willing to explore his sexuality with Lewis. So even after he gets married, the two make an arrangement to meet on the same day same hotel every year.

The Last Straight Man Ending Explained

As decided, the two men, Cooper and Lewis, meet up at the same hotel suite every year the previous day to Cooper’s Wedding anniversary. During their love-making escapades, they were each allowed to ask three questions that the other one must answer to the other. This was simply a way for them to catch up and learn to what point had their relationship dynamic grown. In the film, we are taken into four additional instances where Lewis and Cooper meet up to do their yearly deed. While Lewis was able to spend time with his crush, he was feeling terrible about doing this to Cooper’s family. At the same time, Cooper was hardly repenting as he was only making use of Lewis to identify his own sexuality. Over the course of time, we see how these emotions change.

The Last Straight Man Movie Ending Explained

Still from The Last Straight Man.

As each year passed by, Lewis was getting closer to reveal his feelings towards Cooper. But the problem still remained with Cooper as he was not ready to openly accept his sexuality. Due to this, Lewis starts to think of what he was doing. Lewis starts to feel bad regarding how he was causing problems for the Cooper family. Lewis loved Cooper, but here he was not ready to accept himself. He begins to think that he must stop this charade of trying to be in a relationship with Cooper and leave him for good.

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Who suffered in the end?

As the years passed by, the relationship dynamic between Lewis and Cooper kept changing. But one year, Cooper decides that he must resist his desires. Therefore, he didn’t show up to their arrangement. Cooper felt that it was finally time to stop as it was putting his marriage at risk. But the very next year, Cooper again wants to meet up with Lewis. Unfortunately for him, Lewis, who was lingering on the same decision, had painfully moved on. He now had a boyfriend and did not want to risk his new relationship. In the ending of The Last Straight Man, we see that Cooper is left feeling guilty about not accepting himself. Had he admitted his feeling, he could have prevented losing his best friend and lover.

The Last Straight Man Movie Ending ExplainedThe Last Straight Man Movie Ending Explained

Lewis and Cooper.

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