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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom brings back Breath of the Wild‘s Shrines, this time offering different rewards than before. Whereas BotW‘s Shrines rewarded players with Spirit Orbs, among other items along the way, Tears of the Kingdom‘s Shrines reward players with a Light of Blessing upon their completion, which serves to cleanse the corruption on Link’s new gauntlet.

Although there are countless Shrines to be discovered throughout Tears of the Kingdom‘s world, players are required to complete four Shrines in the game’s starting zone, the Great Sky Island. Completing these Shrines will eventually result in four new abilities (Ultrahand, Fuse, Ascend, and Recall) that players will use to complete a variety of activities during their time in TOTK. Each Shrine contains a host of puzzles for players to navigate using their new abilities, and as such, they can prove to be a challenge for some. As such, here are every Shrine’s location and details on how to complete them in the Great Sky Island region of Tears of the Kingdom.


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How to Complete the Ukouh Shrine

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The Ukouh Shrine is likely going to be the first Shrine you complete, as it is right next door to the Temple of Time, where you learn you’ll need to restore the ancient gauntlet’s power a bit before proceeding. Upon entering the Shrine, you’ll learn the Ultrahand ability, which allows Link to grab certain objects and use them to build unique structures.

After you receive the Ultrahand ability, begin by grabbing the large stone plank and positioning it so that it creates a bridge across the gap in front of you. For the next gap, grab another plank and position it inside the pit so that it creates an incline that isn’t too steep for Link but one that almost reaches the floor above it. It should be close enough that Link can simply hop onto the next platform.

Now, make your way to the next area where you’ll see a large wooden platform leaning up against a wall near some hooks. Grab the platform and place it beneath the nearby track, then grab one of the hooks and hook it onto the track, directly above the platform. Press A to attach the hook to the platform, then ride the platform to the other side. Finally, touch the glyph to complete the Shrine and receive a Light of Blessing.

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How to Complete the In-Isa Shrine

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The simplest way to reach the In-Isa Shrine is by using the Ascend ability that you learn from the Gutanbac Shrine, as this Shrine is high above the Great Sky Island’s ground area. However, the Shrine can be accessed by working your way around to it and up a set of movable blocks. Once you enter the Shrine, you’ll learn the Fuse ability, which allows Link to fuse objects together to create more powerful variants of them. After you receive the Fuse ability, move forward and pick up the Rusty Claymore, then use Fuse to fuse any melee weapon with one of the boulders in front of you. It will create a new heavy melee weapon that you can use to destroy the stone wall there.

Move on to the next room and destroy the large stone pillar on the left to drop a chest that contains five arrows, then move into the area on the right that has two rows of Fire Fruit trees. Collect all the Fire Fruit and the bow and arrows nearby, then draw an arrow and attach a Fire Fruit to it to light the arrow on fire. Release your arrow while aiming at the leaves on the wall in front of you to drop a chest containing a Small Key.

Move back into the previous room and use the Small Key on the locked door nearby, then move into the next area and climb the ladder. A fairly difficult battle will begin, but if you keep swinging your boulder weapon at it, the creature will remain stunned, and you should be able to subdue it. Once the battle is over, make your way to the glyph and touch it to complete the Shrine and receive a Light of Blessing.

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How to Complete the Gutanbac Shrine

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The Gutanbac Shrine is located in a cold area, so you’ll need to cook and eat some spicy food using Spicy Peppers and any main ingredient to increase your cold resistance. Once you enter the Shrine, you’ll receive the Ascend ability, which essentially allows Link to access higher areas by moving through any structures above him.

After you receive the Ascend ability, move to the wall in front of you and use Ascend to reach the platform above you. Once you emerge, move right and stand beneath the long pillar (not the short one) jutting out from the wall. Then use Ascend to reach the upper level. Be mindful of the enemy waiting for you up there.

Next, look to the right and use Ultrahand to pull two crates out of the wall. Then, stand in the opening where they were and use Ascend to reach the platform above and retrieve the Construct Bow from the chest there. Move to the ropes that are holding up the large stone plank, then cut the ropes using a melee weapon to drop the plank and create a bridge. Stand beneath the plank and use Ascend.

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You’ll now want to use Ascend on the green moving platform, as the platform you need to reach is too high for the skill. The best way to do this is by standing on either side where the platform stops and using Ascend once it’s directly above you. Once you’re on the moving platform, you’ll need to use Ascend just as it passes beneath the next platform above you. Prep the ability at any time, but wait to use Ascend until you see a green circle on the platform above you. Once you reach the top, you’ll be free to touch the glyph, thus completing the Shrine and receiving a Light of Blessing in the process.

Return to the Temple of Time

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Once you’ve completed your third Shrine, Rauru will appear to Link and tell him it’s time to return to the Temple of Time and open the door. From here, you can either take the long way by climbing down and running on foot, or you can use one of the nearby ancient Zonai devices to fly there. To keep things simple, stand on the bird already slotted in the track on the ground and break the icicle that is holding it in place. The device will then slide off the track and begin flying. While riding the flying device, move around on it to adjust its flight pattern until you reach the Temple of Time.

After a brief cutscene upon your arrival at the Temple, you’ll receive the Recall ability, which gives Link the power to reverse time for certain objects. Use Recall to navigate the puzzle of cogs in front of you and reach the upper platform. Once you reach the door on the upper level, you’ll discover that you need to complete a fourth and final Shrine to progress. Thankfully, the last Shrine is easy to reach due to a new fast-travel option.

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How to Complete the Nachoyah Shrine

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To reach the Nachoyah Shrine, fast travel to the Room of Awakening, then Ascend onto the platform near the spinning cogs. Use Recall on the spinning cogs to reverse their direction, then cross the necessary platforms to reach the cave on the other side. Follow the linear path from there until you reach the Shrine.

Unlike the previous Shrines, you won’t learn a new ability at the start of this one, as it will revolve around the use of the Recall ability that you just learned. First, move up to the edge of the floor near the water and wait for the floating raft to come near you. Use Recall on it, then hop on and let it take you to the other side. You’ll now need to do the same thing with the next raft ahead, and it will take you to the upper level.

Once you arrive at the upper level, use Recall on the large cog to your left and ride it to the above platform to open a chest containing 10 arrows, then drop down and continue to the other side of the room. You’ll notice two clock hands spinning, and a door that opens every time the clock hands are aligned. Use Recall on the clock hands once they are aligned, then cause them to rotate together in a counter-clockwise motion. This will keep the door open long enough for you to proceed through it, touch the glyph, and complete the Shrine to receive a Light of Blessing.


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