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The Night Beyond The Tricornered Window Season 2: Will it Happen?

Night Beyond The Tricornered Window

Intense anime are always intriguing and fun to watch. The amount of tension and drama lets the levels of adrenaline rise in the most exotic way. If one is looking for a thought-provoking and intense anime, Night Beyond The Tricornered Window is not to be missed. The anime has a supernatural and mystery touch to its BL beauty which makes it a very amusing watch. Its first season concluded in the late fall of 2021. So what of its future? Will there be a Night Beyond The Tricornered Window season 2? Or has the series concluded entirely? Given the story, it’s pretty obvious that several fans might be expecting a return, wanting to see more of the two main characters. The story’s growing mystery had many hearts and had them craving for more before they knew it.

Night Beyond The Tricornered Window is based on the manga by the same name, written by Tomoko Yamashita. The manga was launched in 2013 and it concluded in 2020 with 10 volumes. It was published by Libre and later serialised into Magazine Be × Boy from March 7, 2013. The manga was adapted into a live-action movie and released on 22 January 2021. In the same year, the anime adaptation of Night Beyond The Tricornered Window was released, which did quite well among several BL, supernatural, and mystery fans. The anime adaptation by Zero-G was constructed with several great moments, making fans wonder if there was more to the story.

Despite the mixed reviews, it left several people waiting for Night Beyond The Tricornered Window season 2. Here’s everything we know about the anime’s future.


The anime revolves majorly around the two main characters. The first is Kosuke Mikado, voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki (Shun Kaido- Disastrous Life of Saiki Kusuo). Ever since a young age, Mikado has been able to see ghosts, which terrifies him and wishes he never had this power. Now grown up, he works as a bookstore clerk. In a chain of events, Mikado meets Rihito Hiyakawa, who is voiced by Wataru Hatano (Metal Bat: One Punch Man). He is an attractive and bold exorcist, who fears nothing – neither dead nor alive. Rihito realises that he can enter Mikado’s body and in doing so, exorcise spirits. Learning of this possibility makes Rihito take Mikado as his assistant.

Night Beyond The Tricornered Window Season 1.

The two work together to exorcise ghosts. As they investigate more, they come across supernatural occurrences that bring them to Erica Hiura (Maki Midorikawa: Sakura Quest). She is a high school student who also specialises as a mercenary necromancer, who can cast curses on people. As the two main characters further investigate more cases, they come face to face with the darkest emotions. The two come closer but there are some secrets that Hiyakawa has been hiding. What will happen when the secrets unfold? This steaming story along with mystery tells the tale of two opposite personalities coming closer.

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Night Beyond The Tricornered Window Season 2 Release Date

In January of 2021, it was announced in the January issue of Magazine Be x Boy that Tomoko Yamashita’s manga series will be adapted into an anime. The series premiered on October 3, 2021, and concluded on 19 December 2021. Night Beyond The Tricornered Window was directed by Daiji Iwanaga with Yoshitaka Yasuda. Ayumi Sekine composed the series’ scripts as Evan Call composed the anime’s music. The anime was broadcasted locally in Japan on Tokyo MX, SUN, and BS Fuji. For international viewers, the series is currently available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

After the conclusion of the anime on 19 December, 2021, there has been no announcement of a Night Beyond The Tricornered Window season 2. It is highly likely that the series will return for another season. All there seem to be no spin-off or whatsoever currently released or in the making, a lot of stories from within the manga were skipped, which can make some good content for a second season. The series concluded with a happy note, indicating that all issues were resolved with satisfaction but there are still things that haven’t been completely resolved.

Unless the mangaka does not come up with more material to animate, there are very slim possibilities that the anime will return for a Night Beyond The Tricornered Window season 2.

Night Beyond The Tricornered Window: Season Finale

The theme of Night Beyond The Tricornered Window is not something anyone would be comfortable watching. A lot of things within the story are triggering, dealing with darker subjects like abuse and cults. Further adding on, the anime is deeply inflicted with multiple disturbing scenes as we are introduced to the toxic relationship between the two main characters initially. Many viewers believe that the forceful nature of Rihito leans far more towards an unhealthy and non-consensual relationship in the initial stages. As the series progresses, the anime turned more likeable. The finale wraps up with positive vibes, where everything ends well.

Nbtw finale
Season Finale: Night Beyond The Tricornered Window

Towards the end of the finale, the two main characters get over their trauma and free themselves from the emotional burden of negativities. The story makes use of relatable concepts to end things with which makes the ending satisfying. However, the story also ends with Rihito confessing that he cannot be in a relationship for his own reasons, which Mikado respects. It is implied that they decide to continue solving more cases and Mikado would wait for Rihito to someday be in a relationship with him.

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