The Orville Season 3 Episode 2 Release Date: The Orville Enters An Unknown Territory

The Orville Season 3 Episode 2 may see the ship on its first mission since the battle with Kaylon. The crew is still dealing with the events of the battle, and recently on the show, all of the blame fell upon Isaac. The entire crew misbehaved with the android, believing he was the reason they lost their close ones in the battle. Likes of Charly and Marcus openly expressed their hatred towards Isaac.

In order to ensure harmony on the ship, Isaac decided to take his own life. The death struck the crew. But Lamarr believed they could still bring him back with the help of Charly’s powers. Initially, Charly declined, but she soon had a change of heart and decided to move on and help Lamarr to revive Isaac. We may see how Isaac and Charyl’s relationship would develop as we head towards the second episode of The Orville Season 3.

The Orville Season 3 Episode 2 Release Date & Spoilers

The Orville Season 3 Episode 2 will release on 9 June 2022. It is titled “Shadow Realms”. The official synopsis of the episode doesn’t give away much but states that Orville will be exploring a mysterious region of space. Probably the place is called Shadow Realms, hence the title of the episode.

Story For The Orville Season 3 Episode 2
From The Orville S03 E01 (Credits: Hulu)

The question remains what new The Orville may explore during their time over here. New creatures, a disease to counter, and whatnot. Clearly, the crew members are not in the best shape of theirs as they are still struggling with the aftermath of the battle with Kaylon. We wonder if their interpersonal problems will complicate this mission in an unknown space.

The Orville S03 E02 Release Time & Streaming Details

The Orville Season 3 Episode 2 will be available to stream on Hulu in the United States. Internationally in countries like the UK and Australia, the second episode of The Orville Season 3 may arrive on Disney+. Similarly, in India, Disney+ Hotstar may serve as the home for the second episode as well as the rest of the episodes of The Orville Season 3.

Check Out The Official Trailer For The Orville Season 3 below.

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