The Strongest Middle-Aged Hunter Goes to Another World Manga Listed as Ending in 5th Volume – News

The Strongest Middle-Aged Hunter Goes to Another World Manga Listed as Ending in 5th Volume - News

Isekai fantasy manga launched in 2019

Amazon is listing the fifth compiled book volume of Nagi Isawa’s The Strongest Middle-Aged Hunter Goes to Another World: This Time, He Wants to Have a Simple Life (Saikyō no Ossan Hunter Isekai he ~Kondo Koso Yukkuri Shizuka ni Kurashitai~) manga, the adaptation of Syuichi Tsukishima‘s light novel of the same title, as the final volume. The volume will ship on March 7.

Tsukishima launched the novel series on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō (“Let’s Be Novelists”) website in March 2018. SB Creative published the novel’s first volume with illustrations by Matsuryū in December 2018. The novel’s second volume released in August 2019.

Isawa launched the novel’s manga adaptation in Square Enix‘s Manga UP! web manga site and app in August 2019. The Global Manga UP! website and app is also publishing the manga in English. It describes the story:

Despite his age, Jin is the strongest hunter. In his never-ending quest to earn enough money to feed his two cute housemates, he takes up his greatsword and goes out to hunt every day.

One day, while chasing an onigiri he accidentally dropped, he trips and falls into a hole… that takes him to another world?!

Many strange things await him on the other side… Elf girls? Legendary dragons? Oh, and he’s still the strongest, even in these new worlds…?!

Square Enix published the manga’s first compiled book volume in December 2019, and the fourth volume in March 2022.

Tsukishima launched the I Kept Pressing the 100-Million-Year Button and Came Out on Top (Ichiokunen Button o Rendashita Ore wa, Kidzuitara Saikyō ni Natteita: Rakudai Kenshi no Gakuin Musō) light novel in 2019. Tsukishima also launched a manga adaptation of the novel on Kadokawa‘s Young Ace Up website in 2020. Mokyu is credited for original character design, and Yutaro Shido is credited for the art. Yen Press is releasing both the novel and manga adaptation.

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