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The Virgin Sinners Ending Explained

The Virgin Sinners Lifetime Movie Who Is The Killer

The Virgin Sinners is a 2021 movie on Lifetime. It is in the thriller and horror genre. The movie was mostly shot in British Columbia, Canada. It was released for theatres on August 14, 2021. It stars Kaitlyn Bernard, Brenna Llewellyn, and Brenna Coates in the lead roles. The Virgin Sinners was directed by Courtney Paige Theroux. The movie’s ending can be somewhat of a task to understand properly. We have tried to break it down for you so that you know what is going on. There are major spoilers ahead!

The storyline of The Virgin Sinners has a lot to do with the teachings of Christianity. According to the religion, though not mentioned in the Bible, the seven deadly sins are – pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth. In the movie, we see a group of typical popular high school ‘mean girls’. These children play a trick that goes awfully wrong. It is then that the group becomes the target of an obscure murderer. Frankly, if we were to give our honest opinions, we would tell you that the acting in the film is lagging throughout the entirety of its duration. The plot, too, is somewhat peculiar. But you could perhaps give it a try on a lazy afternoon if you have nothing better to do.

The Virgin Sinners Lifetime Movie Who Is The Killer

The Virgin Sinners Lifetime Movie

The Virgin Sinners (2021 Lifetime) Synopsis

The movie’s ending has some ambiguity and may leave you in slight discomfort. Aubrey Miller was murdered and is now the voiceover throughout the movie. She walks us through the sins of all the girls. Grace has lust, while Tori has wrath. Moreover, they’re both lesbians. Regardless of Katie’s riches, she is greedy. In the meantime, Stacey is envious. Robyn is a sloth for how lazy she is, while Molly is gluttony due to all her overeating. Last but not least, Aubrey is way too proud, which is why she cannot seem to fit with the other girls.

The seven schoolgirls who are a part of the clique that we keep talking about are together called ‘The Sins’. The story is set in a very small town that is exceptionally religious. The said girls disobey their parents and advisors as they go about ‘committing sins’. People in the small town start calling the group ‘wayward’ as their activities start going out of the hands of their ‘guardians’. The young women realize that there is a whole world out there, outside of their small town. And, thereby, they are determined to make their voices not only heard but also count. Despite several warnings from their elders, these women continue pursuing their beliefs. However, as things go awry, they decide to stop for a breather and consider starting over.

The Virgin Sinners Lifetime Movie Ending ExplainedThe Virgin Sinners Lifetime Movie Ending Explained

The Virgin Sinners Lifetime Movie

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The Virgin Sinners (2021 Lifetime) Ending Explained

Grace’s father finds out about the girls and what they are up to from a confessional. He forbids Grace from seeing the girls or any of her other friends. However, Grace does the opposite and starts wearing lipstick and joins a satan-worshipping cult. Later, the girls find out that it was actually Aubrey who told the minister. Grace decides to scare Aubrey with a satanic ritual and kidnaps her. Aubrey is stuffed inside the trunk of a car and taken to the lake house where she disappears.

Later, Katie is murdered, and the girls realize that someone is trying to kill them. Grace and Tori take it upon themselves to find the killer before someone wearing a mask chloroforms them. The killer also shoots Robyn in the head. When you watch the movie, you will realize that all the murder scenes are very abrupt. Aubrey is also shot in the head. Grace and Tori then throw her body in the lake. The sheriff comes to save the day, but he is also shot. A guy called Ernie is the murderer, but there seems to be no context to who he really is or his motives behind the shooting. Later Tori shoots Ernie, and she and Grace are taken to the police station. However, the film does not show Tori and Grace getting reprimanded for what they do.

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