The Walking Dead Is Setting Up the ‘Next Phase’ of Its Universe

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The Walking Dead executive producer Scott M. Gimple confirms that work is underway to map out the future of the post-apocalyptic horror franchise.

The Walking Dead is currently setting up the “next phase” of its shared universe, according to executive producer Scott M. Gimple.

Gimple, who also serves as the Walking Dead universe’s chief content officer, revealed that a roadmap for the post-apocalyptic horror franchise’s future is already in the works during an interview with Collider. “This year… is about focusing on these classic character shows, but also, we’re still wrapping up [spinoff series] Fear the Walking Dead,” he said. “And then, there are other projects that have been on the burner, as well. We’re getting the next phase ready.”

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The original Walking Dead series wrapped up after 11 seasons in November 2022. Less than two months later, AMC announced it was canceling Fear the Walking Dead (as Gimple alluded to in the Collider interview). Fear the Walking Dead‘s eighth and final season will be split into two six-episode parts, both of which will air in 2023. There’s also no word on when fans can expect another season of the Tales of the Walking Dead anthology series, which wrapped up its first (and to date, only) season in September 2022.

The Walking Dead Spinoffs Get Release Dates

Fortunately for Walking Dead fans, there’s still plenty of life left in the long-running franchise. Maggie and Negan-centric spinoff The Walking Dead: Dead City is set to premiere in June 2023, and its first season will run for six episodes. The as-yet-untitled Rick and Michonne spinoff is also picking up momentum, recently landing a 2024 release window. Then there’s The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, which, as its name suggests, will chart the further exploits of Norman Reedus’ fan-favorite character. Per a recent announcement by AMC, fans can expect The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon to hit screens in mid-to-late 2023.

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The question on many fans’ minds now is whether the various Walking Dead spinoffs’ characters and plotlines will intersect further down the line. The Walking Dead: Dead City star Jeffrey Dean Morgan recently hinted that this is a very real possibility, and could even result in an entirely new crossover project. “I think the door is open because we are all on the same timeline,” Morgan said. “They are existing at the same time. So I think there is the opportunity to bring a character from this show, a character from that show, and do something else that can continue.”

The Walking Dead Seasons 1-11 are currently streaming on Netflix.

Source: Collider


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