The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 14 Review And Recap: Negan’s Scenes With Hershel Were Top Notch

Negan and Hershel
The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 14 – Negan and Hershel

In Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 14, the Commonwealth’s rising tension with its various neighbours explodes into some of the opening shots of a developing battle. Notably, the seeming larger army does not react well in this specific confrontation. In other news, Governor Milton’s always rude son, Sebastian, sends Daryl and Rosita on a dangerous mission for money, where the two latest Commonwealth Army members uncover a frightening revelation about the Commonwealth’s high levels of corruption. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a “Walking Dead” episode if a trip outside the home base didn’t bring back a familiar face or two.

AMC’s zombie walker thriller is driving straight towards its final mid-season showdown. Of course, as originally announced, “The Walking Dead” will end this year following a record-breaking 24-episode final season. Although it’s reassuring to know that we’ll have another eight-episode batch to look forward to after Episode 16, saying goodbye to this show’s usually exciting mid-season finales will be heartbreaking. However, we still have two more straight episodes to go till then.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 14 Review And Recap

For a long time, it’s been obvious that Commonwealth Senior Recruiter Toby Carlson was set for a very nasty ending, which this episode surely delivers in lots. Aaron finds it appropriate to shoot Toby in the chest four times after Tobey continually showed his savage desire to murder anyone who displeases him. Tobey, the former CIA officer falls from the same balcony he previously threw several innocent people from. The fall of his body on the ground wakes the nearby dead. He starts to bleed from his injuries, but not before he is slowly devoured by his own victims.

Toby CarlsonToby Carlson
The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 14 – Toby Carlson

Many series fans have been chanting for Toby’s death since before Season 11, Episode 13 even aired. In that previous episode, Aaron and Father Gabriel made a difficult peace with a neighbouring town, only for Toby to assassinate their leader without any justification. Although the Commonwealth frequently offers itself as the antidote to the apocalypse, the ruling body tends to operate in a “join or die” fashion. Of all, from the tale of Eugene and Stephanie to the variety of other corruption issues, the Commonwealth’s core is far more rotten than displayed.

Toby’s death also raises a lot of exciting future questions. Given that we know a fight between the Hilltop and Commonwealth is on the horizon, how will it unfold? And, considering that the folks of Hilltop appear to be determined to defend the new community of Riverbend, could their destinies be intimately connected?

Leah Is Back After A Whole Season

Episode 14, like the previous week’s episode, features a shocking time jump. For the majority of the last two episodes, Ian and the majority of the Commonwealth had assumed that the folks of Riverbend stole their weapons supply. Riverbend’s leader, Ian, on the other hand, maintains his innocence right up until the finish. This naturally prompts Father Gabriel to pose a major question: “If Ian didn’t steal the guns, then who did?”

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 14The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 14
The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 14 – Leah Is Back

However, it is revealed in the last minutes of the episode that the person who is responsible for stealing the Commonwealth’s weapons shipment and killing its soldiers is none other than Leah, Daryl’s ex-girlfriend and the sole female member of the Reapers. Last seen in Season 11, Episode 9, Leah narrowly avoided death at Maggie’s hands and was then secretly let to leave by Daryl.

Of course, this raises the question of how Leah’s new life will affect Daryl’s, but there are also a number of larger issues at stake, like as the approaching conflict between the Commonwealth and Hilltop. Although Daryl and Maggie haven’t addressed Leah’s fate openly since, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Leah play a role in the increasing rift between two of the apocalypse’s earliest allies. Perhaps, like Negan, Leah is now a part of some other community that could represent an even greater threat in the future?

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Negan Tries To Resolves His Past Mistakes

One of the episode’s bigger unexpected twists features Negan rescue Hershel Rhee from a Commonwealth officer. While Negan’s arrival and this rescue are notable in and of itself, the reality that Maggie learns about it and is completely powerless to respond adds to the excitement. Despite her best efforts to keep Negan away from Hershel, Maggie is ultimately constrained to entrust her most valuable person to her long-time enemy.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 14 – Negan

Regular “Walking Dead” viewers will recall that Negan is the one responsible for murdering of Glenn, Maggie’s husband and Hershel’s father, in Season 7. Although Negan has undoubtedly changed in the long years since committing this horrible murder, the effects of his violence remains. Maggie is forced to raise her kid as a single mother as a result of Negan’s cruelty, and young Hershel, of course, never met his father. Despite his early age, Hershel is well aware of who Negan is and why Maggie so badly wants him to stay away.

Following an extremely intense first confrontation, Negan makes a point of promising Hershel a chance to resolve their “existing problems” at some point in the future. This particular choice of words, along with the fact that Negan has already begun to form his own family, has us wondering about the newly announced spin-off series centering on Maggie and Negan. What does this signify for Negan’s new family’s future? And, how can Hershel, Annie, and a possible “Negan Jr.” fit into such a perilous-sounding show?

Carol Holds Her Anger Infront of Hornsby After The Disaster

Carol pays a quick visit to Commonwealth Deputy Chairman Lance Hornsby’s office after collaborating with Mercer to save  Rosita and Daryl from Sebastian’s illogical money scam, where she finds an unexpected discovery. The deputy chairman is not only aware of the dangerous and lethal assignment, but he appears to have officially approved it.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 14The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 14
The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 14 – Lance Hornsby

As previously established in the episode, Daryl and Rosita are only the most recent Commonwealth Army soldiers to be sent on a risky heist mission. Even more interestingly, they are the only survivors of a group of 30 to 40 people who were commanded to look for simple sacks of cash. Hornsby exhales a sigh of relief and says, “Finally,” when Carol reports that the recent mission was a success. Carol tries hard not to show her anger, but she can’t help but wonder.

It’s unclear what role currency will play in the disaster or how Hornsby will benefit from its takeover. Carol, on the other hand, is in an unique situation to interpret Hornsby’s response. Carol, in fact, is already accused of choosing to break the Commonwealth’s rules at this point. Carol obtained Ezekiel’s early surgery and paid off his medical debt in Season 11, Episode 12 by doing a few minor favours for Hornsby. Something tells us Hornsby isn’t the type of person you’d want to owe a favour to. While Carol is still playing nice for the time being, we can only hope that the famous fighter can feel danger.

Final Thoughts On The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 14

Leah’s involvement was nearly a done deal as it became known that Riverbend was not responsible for the weapons convoy raid. Having said that, the scene of her murdering a scared Commonwealth soldier was extremely moving. Even so, Negan’s scenes with Hershel were unmatched. Jeffrey Morgan and Kien Spiller packed every element of tension and heartbreak into their meetings without ever falling into melodramatic territory.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 14The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 14
The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 14 – Daryl

Carlson, thankfully, was a fantastic enemy in the Riverbend plot. Rather than dragging him out for an entire season and rehashing every element of his character, the former CIA operative’s betrayal was exposed in two episodes. We got what we needed in a single horrifyingly amazing dose. Look no farther than how fulfilling his death was to see how brilliantly the character performed. Sure, it was the result of a stupidly simple scheme, but after seeing him eaten by the undead innocents he had slaughtered just hours before was fantastic.

Yeah There Are Some Flaws

There are still a lot of ridiculous plot pieces and stupid situations; The Walking Dead wouldn’t be Walking Dead without some drop of illogicness. This time, though, the payoffs aren’t just repeats of what we’ve seen previously. Instead, the characters’ lives and decisions are analyzed against an unpreventable backdrop of corrupted reconstruction. Those identical stories are then laser focussed through the eyes of fresh individuals who have immediately caught our attention.

Let’s just hope Leah’s reappearance doesn’t signal the start of yet another regular revenge match. We all know her and Daryl will meet, but it would be amazing to see that playing out in a way that will lead this season’s sneaky momentum.

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