October 26, 2021

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The White Lotus Ending Explained: Who Was Killed In The End?

The White Lotus Ending

Let us see as The White Lotus Ending Explained. HBO has brought home one of the finest satire in recent times. The newly released drama series The White Lotus Made its debut on 11th July, and fans have been hooked on the show ever since.  Believe it or not but the first season finale has managed to draw in 1.9M multi-platform viewers! As series creator Mike White explains, the story explores the idea that having money is the difference between being able to continue to make mistakes and fly out to Honolulu with the guy you just met! 

The six episodes have finally come to an end, and let’s just say there has been a lot for viewers to grasp: a murder, couples reuniting, and promises being broken! The new HBO drama series revolves around some privileged guests spending a relaxing vacation in a Hawaiian resort. However, these guests harbor secrets and turmoil that are soon unveiled with time! Let us take a look into all the details regarding The White Lotus Ending Explained.

The White Lotus Ending Explained

The HBO drama series has finally drawn the curtain in the first season, and the finale ended with a murder! As the finale is here, it is finally revealed that Armond is the one who has been mercilessly stabbed by Shane. After Armond discovers the truth behind him getting fired, he leaves behind a very unpleasant souvenir for Shane. With Shane already bubbling with rage as his shins and fancies were not fulfilled, he stabs Armond and leaves him bleeding! The only time Armond was able to enjoy the jacuzzi was when he was left to bleed in it.

The White Lotus Ending

The White Lotus

However, as the satirical drama does not shy away from unearthing problematic stereotypes, Shane is seemed to be unbothered by his deeds and gets back to his privileged life with no remorse whatsoever! Rachel and Shane are reunited at the end. Although fans soon realize that this reunion does not have to do much about genuine love but defeat! She pretty much gave in to the forced smile while she kept on assuring herself that she is going to be happy in the marriage. Her sobs narrated a whole different story! The first season is pretty much summed up into that one line when Tanya admits that she uses the money to control people! Ironically, that is what all these affluent people do throughout the story. As Belinda fakes her smile and waves goodbye to the rather obnoxious people, another equally problematic group arrives soon! 

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The White Lotus: Where To Stream And Cast Details.

Watch all the six episodes of the hit drama series exclusively on streaming platform HBO Max. You can also watch the first season with Hulu’s HBO Max free trial plan. If you haven’t already seen the hit HBO drama series yet, have a look at the official trailer of The White Lotus. Paradise is indeed no vacation for them!

The satire drama series has gathered around an excellent cast ensemble, including Murray Bartlett, Jake Lacy, Alexandra Daddario, and Jennifer Coolidge. These actors have only portrayed one-of-a-kind roles in the series but managed to flesh out the stereotypes set within these roles. 

Did Tanya Help Belinda With Her Business Idea At The End?

Tanya McQuoid, played by Jennifer Coolidge goes on to be yet another mirror image of a privileged woman who gives way to Belinda’s dream only to abandon her business ideas! The whole idea with which the first season ends is that the guests who are knee-deep into their insecurities, privilege, and problematic attitude get back to the same hell hole from where they came from.

What Happened To Belinda?What Happened To Belinda?

The White Lotus

However, some of the staff had to pay the price. In Armond’s case, it was his life! Get ready for yet another obnoxious and privileged group of tourists to make their way into the resort as The White Lotus has been renewed for season 2! Yes, you heard that right after the drama series gained overhearing response from viewers, the studio greenlit yet another season. The whole cycle will be repeated with new episodes! 

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