The Witcher’s New Game Undergoes Major Overhaul

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The Witcher series’ next game, Project Sirius, is undergoing a major overhaul as CD Projekt Red laid off several members of its production team at the studio The Molasses Flood.

Although CD Projekt Red had confirmed just last week that much of the new game’s framework had been completed, around 30 members of its production team at the company’s new studio, Molasses Flood, confirmed on social media that they’d been let go. Per PC Gamer, a representative at the company stated, “Because the project changed, so has the composition of the team that’s working on it – mainly on The Molasses Flood’s side. The concrete number of employees we parted ways with is 21 team members in the US and 8 in Poland (working on the project outside of the US).”


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The loss of 29 production members is a massive change for the next Witcher game, as it had around 60 people on the project at the time of its announcement. This also marks more changes to Project Sirius after CD Project Red reported earlier this year that it needed to evaluate the game’s direction and wrote off a large chunk of the production costs thus far. The developer has yet to reveal what changes in the direction it has decided to go with the new Witcher game.

A New Witcher Trilogy Starts With Project Sirius

CD Projekt Red first announced a new mainline Witcher game in March 2022 with a mysterious poster of a Lynx pendant. Later, the developer confirmed that the then-titled Witcher 4 would start a new trilogy. Two months after the initial announcement, CD Project Red confirmed that The Witcher 4 had entered pre-production.

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CD Projekt Red Announces More Witcher, Cyberpunk Games

In October 2022, CD Projekt Red confirmed several more games in The Witcher franchise were in the works, along with several for its other major series, Cyberpunk. Along with Project Sirius, which is set to be a standalone title, CD Projekt Red confirmed the new Witcher trilogy under the working title Project Polaris. In addition, CD Projekt Red is working on another standalone Witcher game, Project Canis Majoris, with an open-world system. At this time, the only known information on what type of game Project Sirius is stems from the developer’s brief description at the time of the announcement, calling it an “innovative take” on the franchise.

The Witcher‘s Project Sirius currently has no confirmed release window.

Source: PC Gamer


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