Titans’ Series Finale Airdate, Time and Length

Titans' Nightwing, Starfire and Tim Drake find Lex's clues

The following contains spoilers for Titans Season 4, Episode 11, “Project Starfire,” now streaming on HBO Max.

Titans series finale is just around the corner and boasts an impressive runtime to match.

The final episodes of the series, “Titans Forever,” will become available to stream on HBO Max at 3 AM EST on Thursday, May 11. The episode promises to show the final battle between the Titans and the now fully-transformed Brother Blood. The previous episode, “Project Starfire,” ended with Sebastian/Brother Blood finally blowing on Trigon’s Horn, summoning his demonic father to Earth. “Titans Forever” has a runtime just shy of 52 minutes (51:51), three minutes less than “Project Starfire,” the series’ longest episode.


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Titans Season Four Kills Off a Major Hero

Titans‘ penultimate episode shocked audiences with the apparent death of Superboy/Conner Kent. After spending much of the second half of Season 4 manipulating Sebastian, the episode ended with Connor failing to destroy Brother Blood with the Starfire-powered device Lex Luthor invented. The now fully-realized Brother Blood attacked him, sending Superboy into the cave wall and seemingly killing him. By the time the credits rolled, the other Titans still remained ignorant of their teammate’s demise.

Titans Promises a Satisfying Series Finale

Earlier this year, HBO revealed it had canceled Titans and Doom Patrol as part of its and Warner Bros. content purge. Despite the cancellation coming between the first and second halves of Season 4, Gar/Beast Boy actor Ryan Potter revealed that the team had prepared ahead of time in case of such an event. According to Potter, the production team tasked the writers with turning Titans Season 4 finale into a series conclusion in case their worst fears came to pass.

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“Our writers were given the task to write it as if it would be the finale, which they didn’t know at the time. It’s open-ended enough to where people can use their imagination to see where all these characters go on their own. Fan fic away. It’s very decisive, and the conclusion allows there to be a real arrival at the end of each journey, not just the team’s journey but how these characters have grown over the last six years,” Potter explained. “I am very grateful for Gar’s exit because it leaves it so open-ended in a way that he could fall out into Teen Titans Go! tomorrow.”

Titans Season 4, Episode 11, “Project Starfire,” is available now on HBO Max. The series finale, “Titans Forever,” airs May 11 at 3 AM EST.

Source: HBO Max


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