Toei Animation Establishing Animator Training Program

Toei Animation Establishing Animator Training Program

Toei Animation Establishing Animator Training Program announced this Wednesday for animators called “Toei Animation Sakuga Academy” starting in April 2023. This is a Toei Animation holds a one-year, short-term, intensive, and practical animator training program where experienced animators mentor up-and-coming trainees. After completing the course and passing the examinations, successful students are hired as contract workers. Recruitment is ongoing. As per Toei, it established the academy because “the global animation market recently expanded rapidly and the emergence of quality, high-volume works has rendered it more difficult to secure animators every year.”

An animator’s training program consists of three months of video training. Students will be screened after the video training and divided into a drawing course and a video course based on their aptitudes and aspirations. A 9-month practical training program will further develop skills. Applicants can change their aspirations while enrolled in the original picture course or video course. After undergoing training and screening, successful applicants will join Toei Animation as contract employees. Approximately ten students will be accepted. Toei Animation will pay for tuition and provide students with 150,000 yen per month.

Some of the animators participating as teachers are:

Toei Animation Establishing Animator Training Program teachers are Takeo Ide: In 1981, Takeo Ide became the first trainee of Toei Animation (currently Toei Animation). some of the main works of Takeo Ide are Dragon Ball Z (animation director), Dragon Ball GT (animation director), Doctor Slump (animation director), ONE PIECE (animation director), Oshiritantei (Oshiritantei) Animation director), and Super Dragon Ball Heroes (animation director).

Hiroshi Kōjina: Studio Live Co., Ltd. Hiroshi Kōjina is a representative director and an animation creator for the Group. The main works of Hiroshi Kōjina are City Hunter ’91 (character design, animation director), Fantasy Science World Gulliver Boy (character design, animation director), Adventure Yuuki Plaster World (character design, animation director), Fang- KIBA- (Director), HUNTER x HUNTER (Director), Ryoma! The new movie version of The Prince of Tennis (Director), Mashin Hero Wataru -The Ryujin Maru of the Seven Souls- (Director), and The Vampire Dies Immediately (Director).

Toei Animation Establishing Animator Training ProgramToei Animation Establishing Animator Training Program
Toei Animation

Nishiki Itaoka: Nishiki Itaoka (from Toei Animation Research Institute) is a studio live animator. The main works of Nishiki Itaoka are Smile PreCure! (Original picture) and participated in all Pretty Cure series as an original picture or an animation director. Throb! After “Pretty Cure” it is also noted in BANK’s drawing. and Movie Pretty Cure Miracle Leap A Mysterious Day with Everyone (Animation Director, Character Design).

Mai Ishii is a Studio Live Animator (from Toei Animation Institute). The main work of Mai Ishii are HUNTER x HUNTER (Animation director, original drawing ), Ushiotora (animation director, original drawing), Back Arrow (animation director, original drawing), Vampire dies soon (animation director, drawing director, original drawing), and Movie Pretty Cure Miracle Leap with everyone Mysterious Day (Original Drawing).

Mayuko Nakano is also a Studio Live Animator. The main works of Mayuko Nakano are WWW.WORKING!! (Character Design, Animation Director), Inazuma Eleven Ares Balance / Orion Engraving (Character Design, Animation Director), and Vampire Immediately Die (Character Design, Animation Director).

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