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Home » Tokyo Revengers – Episode 04 [English Sub]

Tokyo Revengers – Episode 04 [English Sub]

Tokyo Revengers - Episode 04 [English Sub]

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Tokyo Revengers
Episode 04 : Return
Episode Summary :
Takemichi was having a fun time with Hinata, but was suddenly taken back to the present by accident. With his newly-found knowledge, Takemichi tries to convince Naoto that there is no way Mikey would turn the Tokyo Manji Gang into the criminal organization that it is now. Takemichi attempts to ask Mikey directly, but not even a police detective like Naoto can get a lead on him. However, in the middle of their search, the two found out that one of Takemichi’s old delinquent friends, Atsushi Sendo (Akkun) is now one of the managers of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

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