Top 10 Facts about Spy x Family 2022

Top 10 Facts about Spy x Family 2022
Top 10 Facts about Spy x Family

What comes to your mind when you hear someone say, I don’t like Carrots. Well, If you are a fan of Spy X Family anime, you know it’s Anya. This Spring season, much new anime, as well as many sequels, were released. Amongst them, many gained a huge fan base, one of them being Spy X Family anime. Not only this anime was trending on Twitter after the release of its first episode. It also was involved in some huge controversies, which almost made rumors about the anime being canceled.

Spy x Family anime is adapted from the manga of the same name, written and Illustrated by Endou Tatsuya. The story follows an undercover spy named, Twilight, who is tasked to keep an eye on a Politician named Donovan. For the mission to succeed, he must form a fake family to stay near Donovan. Within seven days, he is able to adopt a daughter named Anya. She has a secret psychic ability to read the thoughts of a person. He also married a woman named Yor, who is an assassin. Both of their secret identities are hidden from Twilight, whose new name is now Lord Forger.

What made this anime so popular is that everyone can’t stop talking about it. Well, here are the top 10 facts about Spy x Family 2022.

1. Studios Coproduction

Spy x Family is produced by Shueisha Productions and having the cooperation of two of the famous studios in Anime Industry. These two studios are Wit Studios and CloverWorks. Both of these animation studios are well known by anime fans as they have produced many great projects. CloverWorks is mostly famous for anime like Horimiya and Promised neverland. While there is no denying that Wit Studios is one of the best past 10 years, It Produced three seasons of Attack on Titan. You know that the anime will be a hit with this level of studios backing it up.

Top 10 Facts about Spy x Family 2022 - Anya and LoidTop 10 Facts about Spy x Family 2022 - Anya and Loid
Loid is happy that Anya passed the entrance exam.

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2. Setting a Trend Among Memers

What’s popular nowadays is known to everyone by many medium of media. But the most popular mode of spreading information through the internet is memes. Being part of a trend is in fashion these days, no one wants to feel left out. Spy x Family anime has been made famous among many users through its memes. It had enough material in its first episode that made the internet flooded with its memes. Especially Anya’s character she is the most famous character on the internet today, with her cute reaction faces trending everywhere.

Top 10 Facts about Spy x Family 2022 - AnyaTop 10 Facts about Spy x Family 2022 - Anya
Anya was shocked by listening to Loid’s Thought

3. Manga is Selling Like Hot Cakes

You know it’s gonna be a bombastic anime when the manga has a high volume of sales. Spy x Family manga has broken through records with its manga sales. In total, there have been more than fifteen million copies sold at the moment. The interesting thing is that with only around sixty chapters, it has gained this much sales volume. And most of these sales were before the announcement of anime. It’s totally clear what type of hype this has created for both anime and manga lovers.

Top 10 Facts about Spy x Family 2022 - Anya and LoidTop 10 Facts about Spy x Family 2022 - Anya and Loid
Anya and Loid returning home

4. Shonen Jump+ App

There are various means of reading manga, you can read by purchasing the paperback of the manga or a digital copy. But there is also another way, shonen launched their app, Shonen Jump+, through which you can read your favorite manga. Spy x Family became the first digital magazine to ever reach more than ten million readerships. This resulted in a huge uproar which has indeed motivated the staff at Shonen jump+ to include more titles.

Top 10 Facts about Spy x Family 2022 - LoidTop 10 Facts about Spy x Family 2022 - Loid
Twilight Intro sequence

5. Pre-Eminent Production

The one thing that viewers today cannot tolerate while watching anime is bad production. Because it doesn’t matter how good the story is, it is invalid without a good animation and voice acting. Thankfully, the production is utter flawless in Spy x Family, with great character designs and mesmerizing voice acting. It’s all possible due to the hard work of the director of this anime, Kazuhiro Furuhashi.

Top 10 Facts about Spy x Family 2022 - YorTop 10 Facts about Spy x Family 2022 - Yor
Yor into Assasin mode

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He assembled a team of great voice actors, which by surprise has done a brilliant job, especially Atsumi Tanezaki. Her voice roled the character of Anya, her voice expressions are off the roof. Also, one of the key highlights of the production is the opening songs and the opening in this anime, “Mixed Nuts”. It has a whole 90s cartoon vibe, which is possible due to the hard work of the sound director Shouji. He is also known for the Vinland saga.

6. Resemblance of Germany and Cold War

Whenever we compare fictional events with actual historical events, there is always some resemblance between them. Many fans have noticed that the fictional country shown in anime is somewhat similar to Europe, mainly Germany. Most of the architectural styles and characters’ ways of dressing are very well according to the Europe culture. And also the main theme of the anime, which is Spying, is inspired by the Cold war setting. The methods of intelligence gathering are somewhat similar to the same methods the espionage at that time used.

Top 10 Facts about Spy x Family 2022 - Loid and YorTop 10 Facts about Spy x Family 2022 - Loid and Yor
Loid and Yor into action

7. Author’s Interaction About Spy x Family

The mangaka of the anime Spy x Family, Tatsuya Endou during an interview, talked about the anime. He said about the origin of the idea for making the story was from one of his old serialized OneShots. After reading the first sample draft of the Spy x Family. The head editorial department was sure that it will be serialized and will become a huge hit. One of the major changes he did was to the title of the manga. The title was inspired by the popular manga and anime series “Hunter x Hunter”. The idea was to make an interesting title that can grab the audience’s attention.

Top 10 Facts about Spy x Family 2022 - Anya and LoidTop 10 Facts about Spy x Family 2022 - Anya and Loid
Anya wants to go too with Loid

8. Influence of The Anime Globally

To date, only two episodes have been aired, and the wave of positive reviews has been overwhelming. While anime is a common source of media in Japan, compared to the western influence on anime is low. But some anime surpasses the limit and create a sensation globally. One of these anime is Spy x Family, the reason being its german story setting, as discussed above. This is the main reason why it is very popular in Europe, mostly in Germany and France. The character of a spy excites everyone, thus resulting in its uncertain Popularity.

Top 10 Facts about Spy x Family 2022 - Anya and LoidTop 10 Facts about Spy x Family 2022 - Anya and Loid
Anya sleeping aside, Loid

9. Collaboration with Tower Records Cafe

There are many anime-themed cafés out there, like JoJo Bizarre Adventure café and My hero academia cafe. Many collaborations have been made with Tower Records cafe. It specializes in making great food and drinks menus related to the anime characters. But what makes this so interesting is that most of their collaborations were with the famous anime titles. Spy x Family theme cafe was announced without even a single knowledge of adaptation. It’s been almost a year since its opening, and it was very popular, with lots of tasty food items.

Top 10 Facts about Spy x Family 2022 - AnyaTop 10 Facts about Spy x Family 2022 - Anya
Anya themed Cafe Beverages

10. Competition with Bleach Anime and More

Spy x Family anime is decided to air around 25 episodes in total, which are split to air into two seasons, the spring and fall. While this season, there can be no doubt the anime is doing very well. But what about its chances of success in the Fall season, as a lot of sequels are releasing this fall. The most awaited anime coming this fall 2022 is The Bleach Thousand-year Blood war arc. It’s been almost a decade since the last season aired. But not only Bleach but another famous anime sequel is also coming, which is, My hero academia season 6. The end of season 5 shocked everyone, and fans are waiting eagerly for this one to drop for some time. The clash of these anime will be a spectacle to watch.

Top 10 Facts about Spy x Family 2022 - Upcoming Fall 2022 AnimeTop 10 Facts about Spy x Family 2022 - Upcoming Fall 2022 Anime
Upcoming Fall 2022 Anime Sequels

You can watch Spy x Family on Netflix.

You can also match this anime for free on the Muse Asia Youtube channel.

Episodes will broadcast every Saturday at 23:00 (Japan Standard Timing)

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