Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Platinum End Anime

Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Watch Platinum End Anime

Platinum End is an anime like no other as it makes use of an innovative concept that has the viewers question the existence of God. While doing so, the anime makes use of its characters to have each one of us appreciate our lives. Many viewers who started watching Platinum End soon stopped doing so; here we are to tell you exactly why you should watch Platinum End.

Platinum End became very popular even before its release, as many were aware of the creates behind the manga, and looking at their previous works, one can only guess that Platinum End should have also been a banger. However, that was not the case as several viewers found the story futile, and the protagonist boring. Here, are the ten reasons why you should watch Platinum End anime.

1. Protagonist

Platinum End’s protagonist Mirai Kakehashi is a depressed teenage high schooler. As he looks over the horizon, he sighs and says, “I wanted to be happy”. He then proceeds to take his own life by jumping off a multi-story building. The boy closes his eyes, accepting his death, and feels himself falling down, his body getting closer and closer to the ground, waiting for his impending death. But then, suddenly, he finds himself in the arms of an angel. The angel smiles at him and tells him he is lucky that she came and saved him at the right time.

Platinum End- MiraiPlatinum End- Mirai
Platinum Ends protagonist Mirai Kakehashi

The teenage boy becomes even more depressed as he realizes that he doesn’t have any power or control, even over his own life. Afraid that he will go back to his abusive life with his uncle and aunt and a life with no friends or family, he asks the angel to just let him die. The angel refuses and tells Mirai that she will give him freedom and love, so he should live and find his happiness.

2. Innovative Concept

Platinum End introduces a whole new concept of God and mankind. Thirteen special angels are chosen by God. The angels each select a human as their respective God candidate. The god candidates are given powers depending on the rank of their angels. The angels are ranked – special rank, first rank, and second rank. The candidates can only be those who no longer have any will to live.

Platinum end- choosing a godPlatinum end- choosing a god
The God of everything is chosen from 13 random suicidal Japanese after an epic battle royale.

Just like the Fate series, a battle royale takes place, where the thirteen have to fight each other to the death, and the last one standing becomes the winner. The battle royale has to end within 999 days. The winner becomes the God with the angels at his service for the next thousands of years. After the time limit comes to an end, a new battle royale takes place to determine the next God. The concept is similar to Death Note and Future Diary combined.

3. Platinum End’s Animation And Artwork

The animation, the artwork, the voice acting, and the BGM are all on the spot and amazing. The animation is smooth. The voice-over is on point, and the artists are able to bring out the emotions of the characters. The artwork of Platinum End – the angels, powers, and backgrounds are just simply stunning.

Platinum end- Nasse and Mirai

Platinum end- Nasse and Mirai

4. Written by Tsugumi Ohba

Tsugumi Ohba is the pen name of a Japanese manga writer, well known as the author of Death Note and Bakuman, both of which earned tremendous praise from the fans and are incredibly popular worldwide. Platinum End is also written by the same author, and much is expected from the author. But please do not put Platinum End on a pedestal already and expect too many great things from it. Try to watch it as objectively as possible and without any preconceived opinions; you will be sure to like it.

Tsugumi Ohba's death noteTsugumi Ohba's death note
Death note by Tsugumi ohba

5. Platinum End Characters

The characters each have their own depth, and none of them can be described in just simple two or three sentences. Each of the characters has layers of personality, often showcasing their different emotions and their stand on different topics, their interests, disinterests, etc. The characters have a firm belief system, morals, and principles by which they mostly abide and stick to. The interactions are meaningful. The male lead is quite silent and reserved due to his abusive upbringing, and that can be seen in his conversations and attitude. The show has been successful in perfectly portraying that sense of awkwardness between Mirai and his partner.

Platinum end- charactersPlatinum end- characters
Characters portrayed in Platinum End

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6. Cunning Antagonist

The show’s antagonist, Kanada Uryu, isn’t the kind of villain with cheats or hacks that give him enormous power to bulldoze his way through and be arrogant about it. Instead, we are given a smart, handsome antagonist who uses cunning strategies and innovative methods to accomplish his goals. He constantly thinks up new ways to outwit his opponent and makes them fall into his traps. Figuring out the fundamentals and ways around the limitations of his powers is something that he strives to achieve and use against his enemies.

Platinum end- Kanade UryuPlatinum end- Kanade Uryu
Kanada Uryu strategizing about how to get rid of the other 12 candidates

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7. Dark Genre

The show tends to go into the dark genre from time to time. The anime starts itself off with the attempted suicide of the protagonist. The story delves into the past of the protagonist, his family’s death, the abusive environment in which he was grown. Scenes of breaking bones, stretching limbs until they are dislocated, and skin peeling off, suicide shots are also shown on the screen. The tactics displayed by the main antagonist are quite cruel and bone-chilling, ruthlessly killing anyone in his way without any hesitation or remorse. He likes to play with the hearts of the masses, playing the part of the hero and protector of justice. He uses the power of the masses to lure in the other candidates and make short work of them.

Mirai's dark pastMirai's dark past
Mirai abused and forced to work by his aunt and their family

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8. Main Lead With Principles

The main lead, although depressed, isn’t someone who is willing to do anything to achieve his goals. Even after being given the power and opportunity, Mirai does not want to take unfair advantage of the situation. He clearly draws a line separating what is right and what is wrong. For example, he studies hard to get accepted into his desired high school when he can just make the Dean accept him, test or no test. It was as simple as that. But he decides against that. He can be faster than a bullet if he wishes to and steal anything he sets his sight upon, but his principles stop him from doing that as well.

Platunum end- MiraiPlatunum end- Mirai
Mirai determined to achieve his goals

Mirai has the power to kill someone in his sight with 100% accuracy and with a 100% guarantee of death. Still, even with all the power and the ability to never get caught, he still decides against it. For Mirai, taking someone’s life is not his way to happiness. He remains steadfast in his beliefs even when he figures out that it is his abusive uncle and aunt who orchestrated his family’s death. He instead opts to make the man turn himself in rather than straight-up killing or torturing him.

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9. Our Very Own Superhero

The show has its very own superhero who is a hero of justice and protector of the weak, albeit with his own sinister plots and agendas. The superhero arrives covered in full body armor and refers to himself as the ‘Metropoliman’. It’s a mix of superhero films and power rangers with all the theatrics. The poses, the dialogues, overwhelming the opponents, people cheering, talking to the media and police to get their understanding, winning the hearts of the masses – you can find everything in the show.

Metropliman fightingMetropliman fighting
Metropoliman activates his wings to escape from a volley of bullets fired by the robbers

10. The Show’s Moral – To Find Your Happiness

The most important thing is to be able to find your happiness. The protagonist, after being nearly saved from his death, realizes something of huge importance when he reminisces about his past. He remembers the words of his father and his mother. His mother urges and advices him to find his happiness. She tells him that “Everyone is born with a goal of finding happiness, and everyone lives with of aim of attaining even greater happiness.” “If you are not happy, you cannot be truly pleased for others when they find happiness”. While his father tells him that the “worst thing a person could do is to hate another person”. It is detrimental to your own mind and to the mind of others as well.

Platinum end- Mirai's motherPlatinum end- Mirai's mother
Mirai’s mother happy with Mira’s painting, praising and advising him to find his happiness.

“We live so that we can find happiness. Once we’re, happiness is out of reach”.

You can watch Platinum End on Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and other official sites.

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