Top 10 Strongest Guns In Free Fire That You Must Try

Top 10 Strongest Guns in Free Fire
Top 10 Strongest Guns in Free Fire

Battle Royale game Free Fire went up in popularity in recent times. Free Fire ends up rivaling games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, and PUBG. If you’re not familiar with this game, the premise is simple. You’re thrown on a map with a bunch of other players. Y’all shoot each other until the last man stands. So, what are the Top 10 Strongest Guns in Free Fire? Come with us and find out!

Considering the premise of the game is killing off your opponents as fast as possible. You’ll want to deal with situations with as much damage as you can. Therefore, having the weapon of choice comes in handy. With game developers constantly changing stats and skills to make the game more balanced, we scoured the web looking for the data and gave you this list. Behold!

Top 10 Strongest Guns in Free FireTop 10 Strongest Guns in Free Fire
After you read our guide, you’ll be a menace in the battle royale.

Top 10 Strongest Guns In Free Fire

The following list describes the gun, its history, the fire rate and tells you the extra information you might find useful during your chats while you’re out hunting your opponents with your friends during those long and fun streaming sessions. Remember, guns are the backbone of battle royale games, and as they say, it’s not the arrow. It’s the hunter that shoots it that makes it deadly, so regardless of whether you’re using the worst pistol or the best machine gun, aim for the head!

10. M79

The M79 is described as a grenade launcher “state of the art” —mind you— that deals area damage. With this deadly weapon, you can flush your enemies out of cover and send them into oblivion with 40mm ammo. This bad boy you can find in airdrops, but they’re a rare find.

In reality, 40mm grenade launchers were initially developed by the US Army back in the late 1960s during the Vietnam War. They were called the “Thumper” because of their massive recoil. In Free Fire, this bad boy deals 90 damage, has a 51 mid-range, a movement speed of 65, a really slow rate of fire clicked at 27, a relatively fast reload speed clocked at 62. And lastly, a big accuracy clocked at 90.

Top 10 Strongest Guns In Free FireTop 10 Strongest Guns In Free Fire
The M79 Grenade Launcher

9. M4A1

This is an assault rifle and beginners friendly gun. It’s a great mid-range gun, and also, you could play-balance it even without any scopes or attachments. In reality, the M4A1 carbine was developed for special operations used in 1991, and it is a very versatile and customizable weapon. In Free Fire, this gun deals 53 damage, 70 range (high), a magazine of 30 rounds, movement speed clocked at 62. The rate of fire is clocked at 57. The reload speed is a little slow (48), and also the accuracy is clocked at 55.

Top 10 Strongest Guns In Free FireTop 10 Strongest Guns In Free Fire
The M4A1 is a great assault rifle if you’re starting, just remember to aim at the head!


The SCAR is a truly balanced rifle with less recoil than any of the other guns in Free Fire! It’s also a beginner-friendly assault rifle with a nice range. In reality, this is a rifle developed by the famous Belgian Fabrique Nationale Herstal. SCAR is an acronym for Special Operations Combat Assault Rifle. It comes in two calibers, the 5.56mm and the 7.62mm.

In Free Fire, this rifle is very balanced, with 53 damage, 60 range, 30 ammo, 62 movement speed, 61 at a rate of fire. And although reload speed is clocked at 41, and the accuracy is relatively low at 42, if you know your way around it and know how to handle recoil, you’ll be deadly!

Top 10 Strongest Guns In Free Fire Top 10 Strongest Guns In Free Fire
The SCAR is a good assault rifle if you can handle its recoil

7. M60

The Mighty M60 is a light machine gun with a high ammo capacity and middle range. The only problem is that if you want to swap guns, you’re going to have a hard time because it is slow, like…really slow. On the upside, the damage is high, and the accuracy and reload speed are well balanced. In reality, the M60 was adopted by the US Army in 1957, and it’s been a staple for decades. Even John Rambo used it in the movies to wreak extraordinary havoc upon his enemies. In Free Fire, this bad boy deals 56 damage, has a range of 65. Also, the magazine holds 60 bullets. The movement speed is 58, the rate of fire is clocked at 56. Additionally, the reload speed is settled at 48, and the accuracy is settled at 43.

The M60 is the weapon of choice if you want to go into the battlefield Rambo style


The GROZA is deemed one of the best assault rifles in Free Fire, only found in airdrops and bounties. This Russian gun is good for long-range and short-range. And if you’re an experienced player, you’ll really like the GROZA. In reality, it was designed in the 1990s by the Central Design and Research Bureau of Sporting and Hunting Arms in Tula, Russia. Its bullpup design is quite unusual for Russian arms makers, but it is unique! In Free Fire, this gun deals 61 damage, has a range of 77 (high). And its magazine holds 30 rounds. Also, the movement speed is clocked at 58, just like its rate of fire. Moreover, the reload speed is clocked at 48, and the accuracy is settled at 52.

The GROZA has very limited availability. But if you’re a seasoned player and you get your hands on it, nobody can stop you!

5. AK

The AK is a very high-damage assault rifle. Also, the barrage of deadly bullets this thing spews is massive. Just be sure to handle its massive recoil, as it is the highest in the game! The upside is that the damage is higher from any distance. This thing pays no attention to body armor. In reality, the AK-47 is the world’s easily recognizable rifle. Did you know that the flag of Mozambique has an AK in it? In Free Fire, the damage for this gun is 61, the range is 72, the magazine is 30, rate of fire is 58. Reload speed is 41, and accuracy is 41.

Top 10 Strongest Guns in Free FireTop 10 Strongest Guns in Free Fire
Can you handle the AK?

4. M1887

This deadly short-range shotgun has no respect for helmets or vests. That’s all you need to know. It deals 100 damage, the range is very limited (21), it shoots only two shotgun shells, and the movement speed is 62. The rate of fire is 42, and the reload speed is 55. As for accuracy, just be near because it’s 10. And the armor penetration is 54. In reality, double-barreled shotguns are as deadly as they come, and they’re a staple of the wild west.

For this gun, just be close, the rest is easy

3. AWM

This is a god-level sniper that can knock out any player at any range. It has the highest damage range in Free Fire (100), the range is 91. So, if you’re a camper or a professional sniper, this is just for you. Just find a good spot, and you’re ready to go. In reality, the AWM was developed in Britain, specially developed for combat situations, and adopted worldwide because of its versatility. The magazine in Free Fire holds five shots, the movement speed is 65, the accurate rate is 90, and the reload speed is 34, with a rate of fire clocked at 27.

Top 10 Strongest Guns in Free FireTop 10 Strongest Guns in Free Fire
The AWM is perfect for campers and pro snipers

2. M1014

The M1014 is a bad boy shotgun and the best-closed range gun in the game. It deals 91 damage. Just a single shot from this hand cannon, and you will knock down your enemies within a fraction of a second. But the downside is its really slow reload speed. The stats are as follows: Range 10 (so aim close), damage 91, magazine 5, movement speed 60, rate of fire 39, reload speed 20, and accuracy 10. In reality, this gun was developed by Italian arms maker Benelli in 1998 after the US Army asked NATO arms makers to develop a shotgun for special forces

With this shotgun all you need to do is be really close, the gun takes care of the rest

1. MP40

When it comes to the gold medal here, the deadliest of them all, it all comes down to the MP40. It’s the best submachine gun in Free Fire! Hands down! The insane fire rate makes up for its damage. And the sound it makes when it fires! Also, it’s good for short-range, but it lacks range. The stats are as follows: Damage 48, range 22, magazine 20. Movement Speed 63, rate of fire: A whopping 83, reload speed 48, and accuracy 17. In reality, this submachine gun was developed by the Germans in the early 20th century and helped them gain an advantage during World War II.

Top 10 Strongest Guns in Free FireTop 10 Strongest Guns in Free Fire
No one will stop you with the MP40 if you know how to use it


So, how did you like our countdown of the best guns of Free Fire? We hope you found this article useful. Make sure to share it with your friends on social media and learn all about it for your next battle royale match. Now that you know which guns are the best, you can take your pick, from the GROZA to the AWM to the MP40; you’re all set. See you next time on Free Fire.

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