Top 20 Bleach Waifus, Ranked

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Tite Kubo’s hit shonen manga series Bleach became a legendary anime series in 2004. Ever since then, anime fans everywhere have fallen in love with Bleach’s incredible cast of characters, from the heroic Ichigo Kurosaki to the smart and cool Uryu Ishida and the friendly Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki. Everyone has their own favorite Bleach character.

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Anime fans can also pick and choose their favorite waifu from Bleach’s extensive cast of characters, and they have some great options to choose from. An ideal waifu isn’t just an attractive character; the ultimate waifu is someone who is kind, smart, funny, tough, and an overall outstanding person who would make the ideal companion for any anime fan.

Updated on May 13th, 2023 by Louis Kemner: By now, the second cour of the Thousand-Year Blood War anime is just a month away, and Bleach fans can’t wait to see more of their favorite characters in action once again. Plenty of Bleach fans pick a favorite character based on their cool powers or their compelling character arc, but other times, it’s simply more fun to choose a delightful waifu, or an idealized romantic partner who has it all. Some Bleach waifus are Best Girl material, while others are delightfully villainous female characters who might make for ironically fun partners.



20 Candice Catnipp

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Candice Catnipp is moderately popular as a villainous Bleach waifu. Fans find her quite attractive, and they also enjoyed her reckless, hotheaded tsundere antics later in the Thousand-Year Blood War as she desperately tried to kill Ichigo so she could impress Yhwach.

Candice amused Bleach fans when she revealed her biggest secret: that she spends hours each morning styling her hair, a fun fluff detail that made her actually feel vaguely relatable. More than anything, though, Candice defines herself with her Quincy pride and her electric powers with The Thunderbolt.

19 Kirio Hikifune

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Kirio Hikifune was once Squad 12’s Captain before she was promoted to Squad 0 thanks to her breakthroughs in gigai technology. Now, Kirio spends her time preparing energy-rich food, and she helped Ichigo and Renji fuel up for the grueling training that lay ahead.

Kirio is a fine waifu because of her cheerful, supportive personality and her awe-inspiring dedication to her craft. Many anime characters like her are popular not just because of their skills, but their sheer passion for what they do—in Kirio’s case, food and science.

18 Tatsuki Arisawa

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Tatsuki Arisawa is a minor supporting Bleach character who appeared a few times in the Substitute Soul Reaper and even in the Fake Karakura Town arc for a brief moment. Tatsuki has very slight spiritual powers, but she’s better known as Orihime’s protective friend and a passionate karate practitioner.

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Tatsuki is one of Bleach‘s many tsundere waifus who won over fans with her tough, aggressive exterior and her charmingly affectionate and protective feelings, mostly where Orihime is concerned. Even if Tatsuki can’t fight Hollows, is touching how far she will go to protect her friend.

17 Lieutenant Momo Hinamori

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Momo Hinamori is squad 5’s timid Lieutenant. She appeared in the Soul Society arc as Captain Aizen’s fanatical follower, but she nearly died when he betrayed everyone. Over time, Momo learned to distance herself from Aizen and focus on her real friends, including Toshiro and Rangiku.

Momo never won any major victoriesin Bleach, though fans may still admire her as a smart, kind, and talented Soul Reaper who will bravely stand up for justice no matter what. She and Toshiro also have wonderful chemistry as childhood friends who still tease each other to this very day.

16 Masaki Kurosaki

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Even if Masaki Kurosaki was already deceased when Bleach‘s main story began, she is still highly popular in the fandom as one of the best anime moms in recent years. Flashbacks made it clear how much she loved her family, and Ichigo and Isshin idolized her as the sun in their sky.

Tragically, Masaki died when Yhwach remotely stole her Quincy powers and Grand Fisher finished her off. Still, fans enjoyed watching the lengthy flashback of how the cheerful, heroic Masaki, as a teenage Quincy in a school uniform, met a handsome Soul Reaper by the name of Isshin Shiba.

15 Bambietta Basterbine

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Sometimes, a popular waifu will not be an anime’s gentlest girl, but the most energetic and aggressive one. Not all anime fans prefer the traditional image of a gentle, passive housewife; instead some fans like a girl who can really fight.

The Sternritter Bambietta Basterbine fits the “warrior waifu” image well with her good looks, energetic personality, and remarkable combat skills. Despite her explosive powers and villainous nature, Bambietta still has her cute side, such as calling her friends by their nicknames such as “Minnie” and “Gigi.”

14 Captain Soi Fon

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Bleach is packed with tough, attractive tsundere waifus who appeal to many shonen anime fans. This includes the deadly Captain Soi Fon of Squad 2, who got her assassin training from the legendary Yoruichi Shihoin herself.

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Soi Fon tends to keep everyone at arm’s length, but she can’t help loving all things cat-related to honor her great love for Yoruichi Shihoin. This tsundere assassin has a cute secret side to balance her formidable combat skills, and her coldly good looks make her a standout Bleach waifu.

13 Lieutenant Nanao Ise

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Nanao Ise was the Lieutenant of Squad 8 under Captain Shunsui Kyoraku until they both moved to Squad 1. Nanao made her first appearance in the Soul Society Arc as Shunsui’s loyal but constantly irritated second-in-command—and she has a tsundere streak to her, too.

Nanao is beloved for her sheer elegance and her charming tsundere ways, and she also has a responsible big-sister personality that any anime fan would love. In fact, Shunsui almost sees her as a beloved daughter of sorts.

12 Kukaku Shiba

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Kukaku Shiba belongs to a minor noble family, as did her late big brother, Kaien Shiba. Kukaku appeared early in the Soul Society Arc as a kido practitioner living in a bizarre mansion far away from the Seireitei. She was the key to getting Ichigo’s team where they needed to go.

Kukaku has a lot going for her, from her big-sister personality to her skills in kido and her flashy attitude and ability to handle troublemakers. She certainly fussed at Ganju and Ichigo a few times, but she always meant well, and that’s why Bleach fans love her.

11 Lisa Yadomaru

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Lisa Yadomaru is one of the eight Visoreds, retired Soul Reapers who can call upon their Hollow masks to aid them in battle. Among them, the peculiar but cool Lisa Yadomaru is arguably the most popular, even if she isn’t the strongest.

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Lisa is known for her braided ponytail, schoolgirl outfit, and, most of all, her shameless pervert behavior. She is often seen reading R-rated swimsuit model magazines and curtly pushes away anyone who questions her, which won over many Bleach fans.

10 Mashiro Kuna

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Mashiro is another Visored whose energetic and goofy behavior fits the “genki girl” theme. She’s like the Mina Ashido or Marin Kitagawa of Bleach but with a zanpakuto and remarkable skill with kicking. She can also wear a bug-like Hollow mask to boost her power in combat.

Mashiro also amused Bleach fans with her friendly but obnoxious behavior around her Captain, Kensei Muguruma, 110 years ago. The friendly, chatty Mashiro often got on his nerves, but both then and now, they will loyally fight together against foes like Aizen and any Hollow.

9 Captain Retsu Unohana

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Excepting her original persona as the vicious Yachiru Unohana, Captain Retsu Unohana of Squad 4 is a gorgeous, talented, and friendly lady who can reassure anyone with a few gentle words and medical kido. She has a warm maternal aura that can make any Soul Reaper feel at ease.

Unohana makes for a wonderful friend and potential waifu, given her stern but kind personality and her charming hobbies, such as flower arrangement. She also has an outwardly nurturing, compassionate personality, making it clear she always puts other people’s emotional and physical needs first.

8 Riruka Dokugamine

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Many of Bleach’s Best Girls are hot-tempered tsunderes who act ferocious and standoffish at first. Tsundere characters only reveal their warm and caring side later, as per tsundere tradition. A popular Bleach tsundere is the Fullbring warrior Riruka Dokugamine, who starred in the Fullbring Arc.

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Riruka has a vibrant and colorful personality. She also nursed an amusing crush on Ichigo, which helped reveal her kinder side later in the arc. Many Bleach fans were sad to see Riruka go when the arc concluded.

7 Nelliel

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Most of the Arrancars, or unmasked Hollows, are vicious and strange characters who are far from ideal waifu or husbando material, yet there are a few exceptions. That includes the charming fallen Espada Nelliel, who was introduced in her adorable toddler form—but there’s more to her than that.

Nelliel’s true form is that of a kind, but tough young woman who can stand up to most modern Espadas. She also has an innocent and charming crush on Ichigo, who has saved her life at least once up to that point. Nelliel’s compassionate but fearless warrior personality makes her a top-tier waifu, Hollow mask and all.

6 Tier Halrribel

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Despite her terrifying Hollow mask and utter loyalty to the cruel Sosuke Aizen, the 3rd Espada Tier Halibel won over many Bleach fans with her stellar personality. She is among the Espadas’ most compassionate and sympathetic members.

Halibel is a wise and caring warrior who cherishes her three fracciones, whom she views as beloved foster sisters rather than disposable minions, which adds to her appeal. Halibel is also well-liked for her cool confidence in battle, even when facing multiple opponents.

5 Lieutenant Nemu Kurotsuchi

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The Lieutenant of Squad 12 is the soft-spoken Nemu Kurotsuchi, who Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi created in a lab. Mayuri’s “daughter” often aids him in battle and the lab, though in the Soul Society Arc, Mayuri treats Nemu badly during a battle. Even Nemu’s enemy, Uryu Ishida, felt bad for her.

Nemu and Uryu soon became good friends, and ever since then, Bleach fans have absolutely loved Nemu for her generous and oddly innocent behavior; she won’t hesitate to risk her life for the sake of a friend. She is also deceptively powerful and can drill through rocks with her bare hands.

4 Orihime Inoue

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Orihime Inoue is Bleach’s best deredere character and its version of Naruto’s Hinata Hyuga to an extent. Orihime is sometimes unpopular for “stealing” Ichigo from Rukia, but the canon Ichigo/Orihime ship does make sense in the lore. Plus, Ichigo and Orihime were very happy together.

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Bleach fans view Orihime as a wholesome, innocent, and surprisingly tough waifu who loves peace and will fight hard to defend it. But she won’t hurt people; instead, Orihime bravely shields the innocent from harm and will heal them with her spiritual powers. She is also highly responsible and self-sufficient at home.

3 Rukia Kuchiki

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Rukia Kuchiki was the first Soul Reaper to ever appear in Bleach, and in the anime’s first season, she was definitely Best Girl. There are so many things to like about her, from her love of all things rabbit-themed to her whimsical sense of humor, her curiosity about human life, and much more.

Rukia is also beloved as Bleach‘s best tsundere, a tiny but tough Soul Reaper who won’t take nonsense from anyone, least of all troublemakers like Kon or even Ichigo himself. She also has her compassionate and vulnerable side, all of which round out this excellent waifu.

2 Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto

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Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto is Squad 10’s second-in-command, and while she’s a powerful officer, that’s not why Bleach fans love this waifu so much. Among other things, Rangiku is renowned for her bright and upbeat personality, being a total deredere who can make friends with absolutely anyone. For her, it’s always time to party.

Rangiku is also noted for her compassion and empathy, such as when she comforted a distraught Orihime Inoue like a doting big sister. Rangiku is also soundlessly confident and comfortable with who she is, which is an attractive trait for anyone.

1 Yoruichi Shihoin

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There’s a lot to love about Rangiku Matsumoto, but Bleach‘s #1 waifu, the rogue ninja Yoruichi Shihoin, is unbeatable. Yoruichi is a fearless and confident martial artist and assassin who fears no enemy, and she also made a great personal sacrifice for Kisuke in the past.

Most of all, Yoruichi is beloved for her playful and bright personality. She is a prankster and goofball who loves to tease other characters, even Byakuya, and gets away with it every time. She also has her compassionate side and will risk life and limb for a friend in need.

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