Top 5 Most Liked Pokémon Girls

Not many anime out there have a female protagonist. However, there are numerous such who have provided us with strong female characters. Moreover, most fans consider these characters as their waifus. This culture is not very old. It is fresh as cucumber and famous as Itachi. Today we will discuss the Top 5 Most Liked Pokemon Girls.

Pokemon is one of the most famous and lovable anime of all time. It follows the story of a 10-year-old boy, Ash Ketchum. He aspires to become the greatest pokemon trainer in the world. He travels to different towns. Ash fights various other pokemon trainers. Sometimes winning otherwise learning something new. Fans love Pokemon because of its ever-engaging plot and lovable characters.

One more thing that has made it famous is its waifus. Pokemon has introduced many characters throughout its running time. Some of them became favorites because of their character or power. Some emerged as Ash’s love interests to fans. Meanwhile, others served as imaginary ships. Nonetheless, these female characters have elevated the quality of the show. People look up to them as icons even in real life. They have blessed us with their grace and presence. Today we will look at some of the most loved Pokemon Girls throughout the years.

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5 Most Liked Pokemon Girls
Cr: Crunchyroll

Top 5 Most Liked Pokemon Girls

The following list contains the five most loved pokemon girls of all time. Ash has made a lot of new friends, traveled to a lot of various places, and managed to stay ten years old. Have any of these new female partners surpassed original tomboy Misty on his adventures? Find out by ranking the top five female characters from the Pokemon anime!

5. Nurse Joy

Nurse Joy is a recurring character both in anime and video games. This large family of sisters is always willing to assist Ash and his buddies whenever their Pokemon require some Treatment following a difficult battle. Nurse Joy more than earns a spot on this list, considering the bizarreness of there always being a Nurse Joy in each given town. Each one’s fervent passion for Pokemon. Brock’s impressionable heart pulled for her every time.

5 Most Likable Pokemon Girls 5 Most Likable Pokemon Girls
Nurse Joy
Cr: Crunchyroll

4. Cynthia

The Sinnoh region’s winner is a gifted trainer who also happens to be the franchise’s first female champion. Cynthia, while sweet and cheerful, possesses a commanding presence that can even calm Brock’s lady-saving Croagunk. She may not appear as frequently in the anime as other female characters. However, her charisma and tremendous talent have earned her a place in the hearts of fans of the franchise.

5 Most liked Pokemon Characters 5 Most liked Pokemon Characters
Cr: Crunchyroll

3. Jessie

Jessie, the tenacious Pokemon stealer, and her two colleagues have been following Ash and Pikachu. But being the most-watched female character isn’t enough to propel Jessie to the top of the rankings. Although not being a particularly good trainer, she shows a surprising fondness for Pokemon contests and handles her Pokemon with care and empathy. However, after years of trailing around Ash, Jessie remains a stable and beloved female character thanks to her tremendous talent in competition and raunchy nature.

Jessie Jessie
Cr: Crunchyroll

2. Misty

In the original series, Misty was Ash’s first friend. Misty has always been a cherished character among the series’ fans, as a tomboy who won’t let Ash get away somewhat with his usual crap. She even takes part in a thrilling event. Spawning the Generation II Pokemon Togepi two years before Pokemon Gold and Silver were released. Misty, on the other hand, feels a little deficient after Togepi as she spends the rest of the show toting around the young Pokemon. This causes her to lose a lot of the vitality and independence for which she had been known. However, she returns in full force in future seasons, bringing back the Misty spunk that fans have come to adore.

Misty and Togepi Misty and Togepi
Misty Cr: Crunchyroll

1. Serena

Serena only appears in the anime for one season, but in the brief time she was Ash’s companion, she made quite an impression. Not only is she shown to have met and liked Ash years before he began his Pokemon adventure, but she is also the only one of Ash’s companions to publicly proclaim her love for him.

Serena Serena
Cr: Crunchyroll

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