October 26, 2021

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Tower Of God Chapter 505: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

Tower Of God

The manga has released another chapter leading to Tower Of God Chapter 505. Let’s find more about the participants who ain to climb the Tower Of God and get freedom. Rak, Koon, and their partners successfully defeated the crab monster, gained the triangle coins, and changed for money. The trio earned a lot of money after completing that mission. Lord Yama and Doom reunite, and Yama is back in his complete form. The new mission has begun where the participants have to cross the jumping platform and get to the other side. One of the guys wonders how he will cross the platform.

The higher-ups announce that for Lord Kallavan to cross to the other side, a person must come to the field to help Lord Kallavan. If an ally arrives, Lord Kallavan will pass the finish line and meet with Lord Rybolic. Kallavan realizes that they have put him in a tough spot where he has to wait, and he must not disobey the military law made by Lord Rybolic. He decided to wait and comments that he is not a traitor, but the traitor is the guy he wants to meet. Lord Kallavan can hope to meet only with the division commander Ha Cheonhee who is in the Cat Tower.

Kallavan counts on Ha Cheonhee since she is skilled enough to reach his place and trusts her. He vows that he will meet with Rybolic soon. Rybolic is watching on the screen and comments that he is disappointed to see Kallavan, the former commander to betray the army since he has lost his comrades. Rybolic adds that even if Kalavan arrives here, nothing will change since everything is happening as per the King’s will, and their lives are worthless.

Previously on Tower Of God Chapter 504

Ha-Cheonhee is waiting for the portal to open, and the jump is about to begin in ten seconds. A blond lady realizes that she can’t stop now, and the countdown has started. After the count down, the jump-starts and a guy wielding his sword encounters Ha Cheonhee, saying he knew she would be waiting for her. The guy adds that it took ten minutes for her to change her mind. Ha-Chaonhee told the guy that she is not interested in talking with a Demon like him. The Demon guy spoke about her friends that are within him.

Tower Of God

Tower Of God

Ha- Cheonhee uses her bare hands to fight against the Demon guy that is using a blade. The two begin to change lighting attacks, and the Demon guy cuts her thunderbolt in half. The Demon guy is impressed that the lady can keep up with his level. The battle gets intense; all we can see is massive strikes and lighting as the two clashed. Ha-Cheonhee comments that she will finish the Demon here once and for all since it is an ill-fated relationship. The Demon guy replies that he likes that since it is giving him explosions.

Ha-Cheonhee unleashed a shining power that surprises the Demon guy. The Demon guy wonders how she stopped his sword using her bare hands. Two horns emerge on her head as the two battle. Ha-Chenhee created a whirlwind of lighting trying to smash the Demon guy. The Demon guy fires back with massive slashes that she dodged in time. Ha-Chenhee crosses her arm to block the sword, and the guy reminds her how the sword attacks can come from unseen angles. She also warns him that she can attack from the blindspots. Ha-Chaeonhee created an orb that emerged behind the Demon guy.

Tower Of God Chapter 505 Release Date

Tower Of God-Chapter 505 will be released on 20 August 2021. The manga keeps on shifting the dates, but every week, three chapters will be released. The next two chapters are expected to release on Friday and Sunday. If the manga gets delayed, the manga will release two chapters per day on Sunday. Tower of God releases three chapters every week. We have no access to the official site to read Tower Of God chapters. Also Read: Preview & Recap: Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 3.

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