Tower Of God Chapter 516: Release Date & Spoilers

Tower Of God Chapter 516

Tower Of God Chapter 516 reveals Yasratcha vs. Lord Yama that recently began in the previous chapter. Yam and Yasratcha are fighting for the second time since the last time Yama got defeated. Bam and others have made it to the finish line, and they are on their way to save Ju Ha-sung. Tower Of God had not seen another battle after concluding Bam vs. White. White has decided to throw his grudges away and allied with Koon, Rak, and Asensio. From the latest chapter of Tower Of God, Yama and Yasratcha exchange massive strikes. Yama is confident that he will win since the last battle; he was using anger to fight with Yasratcha.

Doom is watching the two since he was told not to interfere. Yama landed a massive blow, and Yasratcha felt like he was beaten by a lady and teased Yama that his punch was like a mosquito bite. Yama landed another face blow that hurt Yasratcha, who didn’t say anything. Yasratcha suffered massive barrages and realizes that Yama is more durable than in the last battle, and he didn’t expect him to be so strong in a little period. Yama is going all-out and believes that it is entertaining.

Yasractha warns Yama to stop jocking and send Atomic Tiger Slash that Yama blocked. Yama also blocked Yasratcha’s claws, and Yasratcha reminded Yama that he was the one who killed his father. But the culprit who led Yama’s father to death was the head of the Lo Po Bia Family. Yama reminds Yasratcha that he has entered his father’s territory, meaning that he has no match and he should have escaped in time. Inside the wall, the crew is waiting for Bam to wake up.

Previously on Tower Of God Chapter 515

Koon, Rak, Asensio, and the other has realized that Bam had fought two battle without resting ever since they have arrived. Koon thinks that Bam is overdoing it, and it will take time for him to wake up. He called Asensio, and they talked about some information. Asensio brought drinks for everyone and revealed that he had useful information. He told Koon to go somewhere with him, and that surprised Rak and White. Rak and White wonder what Asensio wants to tell Koon. At the Bar inside the floating ship, Koon and Asensio appear, and Asensio reveals that he has some details and “He” is dangerous.

Tower Of God Chapter 516Tower Of God Chapter 516
Tower Of God

Koon told Asensio not to beat around the bush, and Asensio agreed that he would stick to the point. Asensio reveals that the Zahard Army is searching for Koon, Bam, and Rak. The army received orders to kill everyone Regular on the Hell Train. Koon seems to know that and said an idiot has already noticed that. Asensio also reveals the war against the Po Bidau Family. Koon is surprised, and Asensio reveals that the military and the administrative authorities failed to eliminate Koon and the others. But the Chief wanted an all-out war, and the authorities wanted to stop the Zahard army from having a position against one of the ten Great Families.

But they devise a plan that includes the Lo Po Bia Family fighting in place of the Zahard Army against the Po Biau. The two talked about the preparations for the war against Po Bidau Family. This is the secret info that only a few top military authorities know. But there was no reason for Lo Po Bia Family to start a war against Po Bidau. They decided to destroy the 4th army corp and leave the disposal of Irregular Slayer Candidates in their hands.

Tower Of God Chapter 516 Release Date

Tower Of God Chapter 516 will be released on 7 November 2021. Bam is awake, and it seems like he has heard everything. Asensio also talked about the Cat Tower. Also, Yasratch knows about everything, and the guys inside the Cat Tower are in danger. The truth behind the Cat Tower was also revealed. Koon heads to meet with Bam, who has recently woken up. Bam learns that they are inside the Nest. Let’s look at Tower Of God Chapter 516 official details.

Tower Of God Chapter 516Tower Of God Chapter 516
Tower Of God

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Read Tower Of God Chapter 516 Oline – Raw Details

You will be able to read Tower Of God Chapter 516 online on various websites. Tower Of God Mangs is yet to address its official streaming platforms. But for now, the readers can rely on various websites. Tower Of God Chapter 516 spoilers will arrive on Sunday, the same day the latest chapter is released. Let’s meet when Tower Of God Chapter 516 is released.

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