Trapped In A Dating Sim Episode 5: Release Date And Time

trapped in a dating sim episode 05
Trapped In A Dating Sim Episode 05: Release Date And Time Cr: OtakuKart

Trapped in a Dating Sim Episode 5 is going to be crazy. We have seen many Isekai anime where the protagonists get reincarnated as the ‘main character’ of a fantasy world or a game they were recently playing. But, this time the protagonist gets reincarnated as a side character of the game he was playing. This already sounds crazy. Crazy good! Trapped in a Dating Sim Episode 5 is something everyone must be looking forward to watching. We usually think of a protagonist as a nice guy but not in this anime. You will be seeing lots of trash-talking by our side character protagonist in Episode 5 of Trapped in a Dating Sim. But, many new watchers must be struggling to know when can they watch the next episode. We are here for the rescue. We have all the information you desire. So, let us fulfill your desires.

Trapped In A Dating Sim – Plot

The protagonist was forced to play a dating simulator game by his sister while she was away enjoying her trip to the beach. But in this game, everything was in favor of the females. This game does not even make any sense to the protagonist. There’s an academy from which if you pass out you’ll get married to girls according to your result. There are battles of giant robots to resolve any issue. Not just these, there is the use of magic and flying islands. And on top of that, the game ends with a reverse harem marriage. But, somehow the protagonist manages to complete the game in a few days. But, right when he thought he was done with this meaningless game, he falls down from stairs and when he woke up next, he found himself inside the game.

trapped in a dating simtrapped in a dating sim
Trapped In A Dating Sim – Plot

That’s how Leon Fou Bartfort is reincarnated. He is a side character here. But, things are different inside the game when he finds out that he is not the only one to get reincarnated inside this game. The designated antagonist, Angelica doesn’t seem like an antagonist. And Olivia the main character of the game gets her position stolen by some new character, Marie. Slowly, this game starts to make sense when Leon who was okay being the side character starts giving the main character vibes. Feels like things are about to change in this game.

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What Happened So Far? – Episode 4 “Mind If I Go Easy On You?” Recap

So far, Leon realized that Marie doesn’t belong to this world either, with the help of Luxion. And, Angelica fighting for the love of the Prince challenges Marie to resolve this matter. And for Marie, not just the Prince, but also the other four characters who were supposed to marry the female protagonist of the game step forward to fight for  Marie. Angelica was in a situation, she started to regret challenging Marie. But, even though Leon didn’t want to be a part of the game and spend his life as a side character, he couldn’t help but step in and fight for Angelica. It’s not like he was fighting because he pitied her. Instead, he stepped in to fight because he hated the main characters of this game badly.

trapped in a dating sim episode 05trapped in a dating sim episode 05
Episode 04 – Recap

By the end, when everyone was underestimating Leon as he agreed to fight for Angelica, he squashed four of the main characters like bugs. After all, he knows every single step of this game. Now, we are waiting for Episode 05 of ‘Trapped in a Dating Sim’ as finally, we’ll get to see the fight between Leon and the Prince.

What To Expect In Episode 5 Of ‘Trapped In A Dating Sim’?

Of course, the final battle of Leon and the Prince is to be expected. But the question is how will the fight end? Whose favor will it end in? Whether Leon wins or loses this battle, pure hatred of everyone against him for fighting against the Prince is definitely going to happen. But, this fight sure will get him another friend after Olivia, i.e. Angelica.

trapped in a dating sim episode 05trapped in a dating sim episode 05
Episode 05 – Expectations

This game was supposed to end in a reverse harem marriage. But, the way Leon is stealing the show from the main character, it looks like, if not in the next episode, but in the future, this game will end up in a harem marriage for sure, Leon being the Harem King.

Trapped In A Dating Sim Episode 5 “That’s Awesome” – Release Date And Time

The Episodes of ‘Trapped in a Dating Sim’ get released on Sundays. And Episode 5 of ‘Trapped in a Dating Sim’ is to be released on 1 May, 2022. Japanese fans will get to watch this episode at 22:00 hrs Japanese Standard Time (JST). Whereas the US fans get this episode at 06:00 hrs Pacific Time (PT)/ 08:00 hrs Central Time (CT)/ 09:00 hrs Eastern Time (ET). And Trapped in a Dating Sim Episode 05 will be available to the Indian fans at 18:30 hrs Indian Standard Time (IST).

trapped in a dating sim episode 05trapped in a dating sim episode 05
Episode 5 – Release Date And Time

Where Can You Watch ‘Trapped In A Dating Sim’?

The episodes of ‘Trapped in a Dating Sim’ will be first released on the local channels on Tokyo MX, MBS, and BS NTV. And after a few hours, the episodes will be available on the online streaming platforms. Fans from all around the globe can easily watch ‘Trapped in a Dating Sim’ on Crunchyroll.

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