Ultraman Final Season Confirmed!

Ultraman Final Season Confirmed
Ultraman Final Season Confirmed

Superheroes and their powers are always fascinating, and it always turns out to be a great source of entertainment. One such superhero series that has been with us for the longest we can remember is Ultraman. Yes, that Ultraman series which also has a live-action, many films, video games, manga, and finally an anime. It turned out to be a whole franchise and a memory for many of us. We all have been sticking with the whole series since back in 1966. To be precise, Ultraman fans have grown old watching the series. Still, the whole franchise has the greatest relevance for each one of us.

Even after being there for more than 50 years, the Ultraman franchise is still coming up with new stuff from time to time. However, this recent announcement is related to that one recent project that started in 2019. The anime adaption of Ultraman manga is reported to coming to an end very soon. After successfully running for two whole seasons, the Ultra Man Final season has been announced. The news is extremely exciting since it was very quick we got to hear about a sequel this soon. So, let’s find out more details about Ultraman Season 3.

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About Ultraman

Ultraman is popularly known for being an epic live actions series from back in 1966. However, the franchise came up with something new in the year 2011 that turned out to be its manga. The Ultraman manga series is written by Eiichi Shimizu and was illustrated by Tomohiro Shimoguchi. It was published by Hero’s Inc and got an English-translated version by Viz Media. Starting from 1st October 2011 to 30th October 2020, it was serialized in Monthly Hero magazine. Later on, it got transferred to Comiplex Magazine of Hero’s Inc. It dropped out on 1st October 2011 and till now has been collected into 17 tankobon volumes. An anime adaptation of this manga was produced by Production I.G and Sola Digital Arts.

It got directed by Kenji Kamiyama, Shinji Aramaki and Hirko Uchiyama. The team of producers includes Mitsuhisa Ishikawa and Joseph Chou. It Screenplay was given by Ryo Higaki, however, season 1 was written by Kurasumi Sunayama and later taken over by Harumi Doki. The epic soundtracks of the anime that connects it to its original sense were given by Irone Toda and Kazuma Jinnouchi. The anime was broadcasted on Netflix worldwide starting on 1st April 2019. Currently, the anime has 19 episodes divided into two seasons.

Ultraman Season 3 Announced Ultraman Season 3 Announced
Ultraman 2019


Both the anime and manga of manga act as a continuation story after the Ültraman Gaint of Light”. As a lot of time has passed since the events and happening of Gaint of Light, Ultraman has returned back home. He still got the memories of fighting the huge monsters, ain’t aliens that were invading the earth. Shin Hayata, aka Ultraman, now is living quite a normal life until his son grew up. After Shinjiro grew up, he realized that he possessed some strange superpowers that found quite similar to that of Ultraman. That was the very time when Shin revealed the fact of being the Ultraman.

Now taking off the succession, Shinjiro is now walking on that path of his father. He took up as the new Ultraman and is now out to fight aliens that are invading earth. You will see the whole process of Shinjiro taking up as the Ultraman and gradually growing stronger, doing justice to the image of being such a powerful being.

Previously on Ultraman

The anime series Ultraman was dropped out on 1st April 2019 with season 1. The first episode was titled “A Power That Shouldn’t be on this Earth”. As we are well aware of the plot, it anime began the time after the fight of Gaint of Light. We saw a young Shinjiro in a museum witnessing some of the memories from the time of Ultraman. However, due to him being extremely curious, he fell off the first floor but got back into good term surprisingly fast. That was the time Shin realized how he is not normal and surely inherited the Ultraman powers. In episode 2, Shin revealed him being the Ultraman and asked Shinjiro to discover his inner power. To do so, he grew him in the air with full force, and Shinjiro landed on his own safely.

Ide explained how he inherited the Ultraman powers and just like his dad. Meanwhile, Shin was fighting with some robotic guy that is giving him a very tough fight. Shinjiro was frustrated about the fact that he can’t do anything to protect his father. But just in time, Ide offered him the Ultraman man suit and asked him to go and save his father. From that day onwards, Shinjiro took over as the new Ultraman. Initially, Shinjiro clearly looked weak because of his lack of experience in the fight, but he ultimately got more powerful. In the final episode of Ultraman Season 1, we witnessed Shinjiro, who has grown up with his skills. By the end, we witnessed Bemular coming back, but this time to help them.

Ultraman Season 3 Confirmed Ultraman Season 3 Confirmed
Still from Ultraman 2019

Ultraman Final Season Confirmed!!

The announcement of the anime adaption of Ultraman turned out to be the most exciting news after so long. In November 2017, the anime was announced, and later it was decided to make it a 3DCG anime series. Netflix took over the broadcasting license for the series and reported a great response by season 1. Later, during Annecy International Animated Film Festival, 2019, Netflix announced the production of Ultra Man Season 2. All the staff and cast returned back to action and gave us the new season on 14th April 2022. Early on 19th April 2022, the creators have already made an announcement regarding the Ultraman Final Season.

A small teaser video has been released that announces the production of Ultraman Season 3. The anime is slated for 2023, so you have to keep a lot of patience until you get to stream it. The short teaser showed Shinjiro Hayata in the Ultraman Suit that is purely damaged and not in a condition to work. While a voice was telling him to stand up. So far, everything seems really good so let’s stick together and wait for more new updates on the same.


The cast of the CG anime series Ultraman comprises some of the most talented voice actors. Based on the previous two seasons all the actors have come back to make the new season possible. Previously the cast includes. Rohei Kimura (Weathering with you, The World Ends with You) as Shinjiro Hayata. Then we have Takuya Eguchi (Demon Slayer, Pokemon Origins, Higashi no Eden) as Dan Moroboshi. Megumi Han (The Silent Voice, Hunter X Hunter) as Seiji Hokuto. Further, we have Ken Uo as Mitsuhiro Ide, Sumire Moroshoshi as Rena Sayama and Hideyuki Tanaka as Shin Hayata. Based on the voice cast of Ultraman Season 2, Tatsuhisa Suzuki who was originally announced as the voice actor of Kotaro Higashi stepped down from the role.

Ultraman CG anime final season announced Ultraman CG anime final season announced
Ultraman CG anime

But was later replaced by Tomoaki Maeno. As for the English dub cast, it includes Josh Hutcherson as Shinjiro Hayata, D.C Douglas as Edo, and Tara Sands as Rena Sayama. Michael Yurchak as Igaru and finally Gunnar Sizemore as Ace. In order to maintain the essence of the series, the creators are expected to bring back most of the cast as well as staff for the anime. Rest will be assured when more details will be announced.

The franchise has surely remained one of the best in terms of giving out good material to binge upon. In addition to the new season of the anime series, the creators have also announced a movie titled “Shin Ultraman”. The movie is going to be a theatrical reboot of the previous Ultraman series. The movie is going to be directed by Shunji Higuchi, who is known for previously directing the movie Shin Godzilla. The movie has been scheduled for 13th May 2022 in Japan however, an international release date is still not revealed.

Watch Ultraman Online – Streaming Details

The whole series of Ultraman has been originally licensed by Netflix. The leading OTT channel has kept up with the responsibility to broadcast it all over the world. As per the announcements, Ultraman Season 3 will also be aired on Netflix. As for the original manga series of Ultraman by Shimizu and Shimogichi. You can find it on Viz Media in English.

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