United States Navy Hired Wiki Company Fandom to Manage Twitch Streams

Vice reported in March that the United States Navy hired the Wiki company Fandom to help manage its tournaments and streams. The organization made a return to video streaming platform Twitch after six months of inactivity.

The Navy told Vice that Fandom is handling “various digital media advertising.” It also said that, “Any tournaments, custom content development, or access to esports influencers was included as added value in that paid media purchase. Any compensation for non-Sailor gamers is negotiated between Fandom and those gamers.”

The Navy’s presence on Twitch was controversial; the channel stopped streaming in September when a Sailor made references to a racial slur and the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima during an Among Us game. The channel also drew criticism for banning users asking about U.S. war crimes. Since the relaunch of the channel in March, the chat permits emotes but no text.

Fandom is a wiki hosting platform, focusing on pop culture and fan activities. It was known as Wikia before October 2016.

Source: Vice (Matthew Gault) via @yourcompanionAI

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