Upcoming Indie Sim Paleo Pines Blends Stardew Valley & Dinosaurs

Upcoming Indie Sim Paleo Pines Blends Stardew Valley & Dinosaurs

Cozy indie games have seen a recent spike in popularity, demonstrating that smaller developers can still produce high-quality, memorable experiences with unique and engaging gameplay. With the rise of platforms like Steam and the Nintendo Switch online store, indie titles have never been more accessible to so many. Among the vast genre, simulation RPG games are particularly popular, as their open nature allows players to both tailor the game to their liking while also experiencing fantastical and unique worlds.


Stardew Valley is a well-known and popular farming simulation game, due to its impressive size, RPG elements, and multi-faceted, open-ended gameplay. Although farming is the primary focus of Stardew, there is a multitude of activities for players to engage in outside the farm, such as interacting with villagers, foraging for goods in the forest, or completing various quest lines. For this, Stardew Valley is considered a gateway to the indie simulation genre for many. However, Stardew launched in 2016, and there has been a multitude of equally excellent titles developed since then. Paleo Pines is an upcoming indie title similar in many ways to Stardew Valley, with one distinct difference — the inclusion of dinosaurs.

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Paleo Pines Is Different From Other Simulation Games

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Paleo Pines takes place in a setting that seems at first glance standard for an open-world simulation game. It includes interactive NPCs, a home base farm for players, and various quest lines to complete. However, Paleo Pines is far different from other titles because of its most important and distinctive feature. Players begin the story with Lucky, the last known Parasaurolophus on her home island of Paleo Pines. Players will work with Lucky to uncover the mysterious fate of her species while building up their ranch and interacting with the island’s other features in the interim.

Though Lucky is the last of her kind, there are a multitude of other dinosaur species for players to tame and bond with throughout the course of the game. Players can use different species to complete specific tasks around the ranch, but only after they have earned the dinosaur’s trust. Dinosaurs are found across the island in an array of habitats, from rolling fields to canyons, as are a variety of unique resources, NPCs, and quests for the player to enjoy. Paleo Pines captures the spirit of an exciting role-playing game through the lens of a farming simulator, with the added joy of riding dinosaurs.

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Fans of Stardew Valley Will Love Paleo Pines

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Paleo Pines shares similarities to some of Stardew Valley‘s most beloved features, at times even expanding upon them. The ranch’s aesthetic is customizable to suit any player, from a small woodsy garden theme to a fully-fledged farm operation. The player’s character is similarly customizable, both in appearance and with a variety of clothing. Further, there are many villagers to meet and befriend in Paleo Pines, all with unique stories and quest lines to offer. The game impresses heavily on building close relationships with both tamed dinosaurs and the local villagers. Stardew Valley is an enduring favorite for many because its immersive and in-depth elements culminate in a feeling of well-earned accomplishment, and while Stardew Valley does not have dinosaurs helping with the farm work, the primary components that make it so appealing are shared by Paleo Pines.

Simulation games offer an opportunity for players to have new experiences and opportunities in a completely different world than their own. Even amidst numerous expansive AAA titles, smaller indie titles still dominate the simulation genre and offer a multitude of different experiences to gamers. Paleo Pines is another entry into the often-cozy and calming world of farming simulation games, with the unique and delightful twist of including tameable dinosaurs. Fans of the genre, particularly the classic Stardew Valley, should consider putting it on their watch lists.


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