October 26, 2021

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Updated rules for image submissions

Beloved BL Manga, 'Love Stage!!' Releases Its Live-action Film Adaptation with a Star-Studded Cast on Gagaoolala

Image submissions have become very popular as of late. The acceptance of such submissions as quality content is apparent in how well they are received by the community. As such, I want there to be some guidelines for such submissions as it appears image submissions are here to stay.

Submitted images need to be key visuals released as promotional material. That means they are released as industry material.

* The images **need** include some information about the upcoming anime (title, release date, studio, key personnel, cast, etc.)
* Images without the above information **need** to include a news article in the comments that gives some background information to the submitted photo

This shouldn’t be too difficult to follow as almost every promotional visual that is released is accompanied by an industry statement.

Screenshots are not allowed. It is a lazy and poor quality submission. They will always be removed. And to reiterate, memes and the like are also not allowed.

If you have any questions or want to suggest an amendment to the updated rules, please comment below.

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