Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider – Tips, Tricks, & Strategies for New Players

Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider - Tips, Tricks, & Strategies for New Players

Reviewing the best techniques for combat and level approach can give gamers an edge before playing Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider.

Indie title Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider has been made available as of January 12. The game is developed by JoyMasher and retains the look of a classic, pixilated Metroidvania game blended with a gorgeous ’80s aesthetic and sound design. Any fans of ’80s and ’90s-style retro games are sure to get a kick out of this terrific side-scrolling action platformer.

JoyMasher is an indie developer that specializes in retro-style games such as this latest title. Due to adhering to the classic, arcade-like aesthetic and the various programs that were used to make the game, Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider is fairly short with only a few hours worth of playtime for most gamers. However, that’s not to say that the game is without its challenges. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help new players of the game.

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The Combat Essentials of Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider

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There are three basic attacks that will quickly become essential to anyone trying to make it through Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider. There is a dash attack, a simple swipe, and a dropkick. Each of these moves has its uses depending on the scenario. While this game certainly has plenty of combat, it also requires a lot of strategy. Knowing how to dash, for example, is just as important as the initial positioning. This is something that can only be learned as the game is played, but shouldn’t come as a surprise to any fans of platformers.

The simple sword swipe that the Moonrider can perform is the most basic attack, but it can come in handy. If it is timed correctly with a projectile, the attack can swipe the projectiles away and the Moonrider goes unharmed. A more risky attack, by comparison, is the dash attack, which can force players into the heat of battle or simply help with traversal. Sometimes it may be worth the risk, however, since the dash attack is worth four times the amount of damage than a basic attack.

The dropkick is the final move that will be utilized the most due to allowing players to perform it while staying in constant motion. The attack does a little more damage than a basic attack, but the maneuverability that comes with the attack is what really gives it an edge. Players can either kick and drop down in a perfectly vertical line, or descend in a slightly more diagonal direction. Both can be difficult to pull off without the proper controls, like a d-pad. The Moonrider’s dropkick could be compared to a classic Mortal Kombat dropkick in that sense.

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How to Use the Invulnerability Technique

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If players are constantly finding their health meters full, then believe it or not, the best method to get through an area quickly is to purposefully take some damage. Right after the Moonrider is hit by an enemy’s attack, his armor will begin to blink for a short period of time. During this time the Moonrider is technically invincible.

This mechanic was implemented for the same reason some games give players a shield after they respawn, like Super Smash Bros. It allows players to regroup and reposition without too much fear of exposure before they are ready for the fight to continue. While the Moonrider’s armor is blinking, this could be the best time for players to get past a sneaky trap or enemy to clear a level as quickly as possible.

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Why Chips Are Important in Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider

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Throughout the Moonrider’s quest for revenge, he will come across several different cybernetic microchips that may help players struggling in a particular area of the game. On the flip side, some chips actually make the game even more challenging for those who may find it too easy. In either case, the type of chip that is available to be found is dependent on which level is selected.

The level selection is completely up to the player, which means there is no way to tell which chip will be revealed without spoiling the surprise entirely. If players do find themselves in a tough spot, then it may be best to simply try a different level which may reward a more helpful chip. Fortunately, there is one chip that can be made easily available to anyone at any point. If the Moonrider loses all of his lives on any map, he will be given the armor chip, which reduces all incoming damage. However, this chip is so effective that B becomes the maximum possible stage ranking.


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