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Versatile Mage Chapter 729 Spoilers and Preview (Article ready)

Versatile Mage

Mo Fan has become an Ancient Capital Hero after defeating the German. He went to the hospital and meet Zhao, who helped him during the tournament. The oldy that hates Mo Fan apologizes after realizes that Mo Fan proved her wrong during the battle where he surpasses his limit and defeats the German with a single blow. The advisor told Mu Nunjiao that he is Zu Jiming’s replacement in the upcoming tournament. Later, Mo Fan met with Xuexue, who get angry, noticing a lipstick mark on his cheek. But Mo Fan apologizes and consoles her after realizing that Jia kissed him. Let’s look at the latest developments of Versatile Mage below.

Asha’ Ruiya communicated with Trash in the morning and told him to prepare her plane for tonight since she is flying to Venice. The geezer approaches Feng Li and asks if what he heard is the truth. The geezer wonders if they will be forfeiting the match, Feng Ling replies that he notices that after their game with the German, they were weaker, which makes them quit for now. But if they fight with the English Team, they have a slight chance of winning.

Mo Fan comments that they can save energy instead of losing the match and prepare for the next one. Feng Lin told the boys not to fight to their full potential since investigating the English Team. The boys agree while the England team is fighting with another team in the Arena. The leader of the English Team won the match after using a single spell to smash his opponents. He celebrates with his Team, and their opponents lie on the ground unconscious.

Versatile Mage Chapter 728 Highlights

The announcer reveals that the next battle is French vs. England. The England team realizes that they have to defeat the French. Mo Fan is impressed by the England team and told Feng Lin that he wouldn’t disappoint him. They head to the battle, and Mo Fan leads the Chinese Team to the fight. French became an easy victory for the Chinese since Mo Fan and his Team defeated them with a single blow of combination attacks.

England vs. Egypt took place, and one of the students uses a mummy to defeat the England captain. The announcer announced that Egypt won the match. Egypt vs. Greece begins, and Greece got blasted with an electrical spell and lost consciousness with a single lightning strike. Egypt grabbed another victory in a row, and Xuexue with Mo Fan realizes that the next round is challenging.

Versatile Mage

Versatile Mage

Unstoppable Egyptians: Dark Shadow Master

Mo Fan realizes that the English Team is still on top No 1 of the board by they have suffered a defeat and incur fatal injuries. Xueexue wonders if the Egyptian Team is more robust than she expected. The next round is America vs. Greece, and Mo Fan saw Ashai’ Ruiya and realized it would be difficult to fight with Egypt. Xuexue realizes the Egyptians have reached the final round, and if the rules don’t change their Team and English Team, the winners will have a mixed battle.

Mo Fan comments American Team is strong in this match. Surprisingly, Aishai’ Ruiya uses two fingers and beats USA men. Mo Fan is impressed that Egypt won three-time in a row. The commentator comments that the unstoppable Egyptians won’t taste defeat in this tournament. Later, Aisha met with Mo Fan, who said it is a coincidence to be in the same place. Aisha replies that she came here to see him since she wants to work with him and take out the English Team.

Mo Fan accepted the offer and told her that she would work with her. Later the fourth match begins, and the participants get to their position to brawl. Mo Fan realizes that he has to win this match, and he must not forget what Aisha told him. The English Team arrives, and it is a three-way team battle. Aisha’s Team receives the message to change the English Team. One English team member unleashes Dark Shadow Master, and Mo Fan realizes that he must take that guy down.

Versatile Mage Chapter 729 Release Date

Versatile Mage Chapter 729 release date is 6 August 2021. The manga sometimes releases new chapters two to three days per week. Note that every week new chapters of Versatile Mage and updates will be available. We have no official sites to read the latest chapters of Versatile Mage.

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