Video of Mark Hamill Being Mistreated by Autograph Chasers Has Fans Outraged

Mark Hamill in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Fans are outraged after footage began circulating online showing autograph chasers harassing original Star Wars star Mark Hamill.

In a video posted by Twitter user TheFirstOkiro on May 7, Hamill can be seen in the backseat of an SUV as he is hounded by a crowd of autograph chasers. While Hamill and his driver attempt to escape the crowd, people continue shoving their memorabilia and photos through the open window of the vehicle, with one of these even visibly hurting the actor. In response, many fans expressed their anger and disappointment at the situation in the comments.


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Mark Hamill’s Rise to Fame

Hamill’s career began in 1970 with various television appearances on series such as The Bill Cosby Show, Night Gallery, and General Hospital before 1977’s Star Wars launched him into the realm of superstardom. Since then, Hamill has become synonymous with the Star Wars franchise, as well as Batman, as the actor is also known for voicing the Joker across numerous films, television shows and video games.

Returning to Star Wars, Hamill has also put his iconic character, Luke Skywalker, to work as a force for good in the real world through a variety of charity, fundraising, and humanitarian efforts, including lending his voice to the English version of the Ukrainian air alert app.

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A Star Wars Legend

Most recently, Hamill hit the set of the upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to help star Cameron Monaghan through his training for the hotly anticipated video game. In a promotional video, Hamill can be seen throwing popcorn at a blindfolded Monaghan amidst his various, largely unsuccessful training techniques. Things end on a slightly brighter note with Monaghan coaching Hamill through playing the game itself.

Despite Hamill’s instantly recognizable voice and visage, fellow Star Wars star Andy Serkis, who portrayed the villainous Snoke in 2015’s The Force Awakens and reprised the role for 2017’s The Last Jedi, recalled the embarrassing first impression he made upon his fellow actor.

“We were invited to a dinner, a kind of inaugural dinner… It was the first time of gathering people together,” Serkis said before explaining how Hamill complimented his work upon sitting next to him. Serkis added that after asking several times what he was doing on the film, Hamill finally stated definitively “I’m Luke Skywalker!”

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