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Virtual YouTuber Feet Pics Go Viral on Twitter

Ever wondered what your favorite VTuber looks like down there?

You don’t get to see a Virtual YouTuber’s feet every day. After all, most VTuber videos utilizing Live2D animation show only the top half of the performer’s avatar. On the other hand, VTubers tend to be obliging people. Even if you didn’t ask for those feet pics, ye shall receive.

Whatever the case, the hashtag #Vtuberの靴が見たい (I want to see VTubers’ shoes) went viral on Monday, with many popular VTubers participating in the trend.

Some of the most popular tweets under the hashtag were from VTubers whose avatars don’t actually possess human-like feet, like hololive English’s Ninomae Ina’nis.

The hashtag has also inspired jokes and fanart… although I recommend that only people with certain proclivities should search the latter.

Source: OTAQUEST (Jacob Parker-Dalton)

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