October 26, 2021

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Home » Vivarium Ending Explained: Everything About The Sci-Fi Film (Article ready)

Vivarium Ending Explained: Everything About The Sci-Fi Film (Article ready)

Vivarium Ending Explained

Vivarium will get its ending explained in this article. Everything about the sci-fi film will be discussed in this article. No doubt, it is going to be an interesting path. Moreover, talking about sci-fi movies has attracted a lot of attention. People all over the world are in love with this genre. As a result, it was obvious for us to include this movie in the list of reviews. Vivarium is a 2019 science fiction film that has created quite a stir on the internet. Moreover, it is one of the most talked-about sci-fi movies of the year. No doubt, Lorcan Finnegan’s direction has been a successful one. Likewise, the characters portrayed by Imogen Poots and Jesse Eisenberg have attracted a large audience to the film.

For some people, Vivarium has been a confusing movie. Like every other science fiction movie, Vivarium has a unique concept that holds on the audience throughout the movie. It is an international co-production between three countries. These are Ireland, Denmark, and Belgium. Vivarium was featured at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2019. Meanwhile, it got released in Ireland on 27 March 2020. Since then, the film has been a hot topic of discussion. Garret Shanley has done the screenplay. Moreover, he is the man behind the story. This article, hence, deals with Vivarium’s ending. Likewise, everything about the film will be explained over here.

Vivarium Ending Explained


What Is Vivarium All About?

Vivarium is a movie that revolves around a young, loving couple. Things are pretty good in their lives when they decide of buying a new house. Everything changes from there. The film is largely compared to the life of a cuckoo bird. The young pair of Gemma and Tom meet a real estate agent to buy their house. However, the latter is a mysterious person. He takes them to a hosing society which is filled with mysterious activities. The young couple gets trapped over there. After a few days, they are given a small box. The box contains a non-human infant. The infant and the real estate agent belong to an alien species. As the story proceeds, Tom and Gemma are forced to raise that infant like a human being.

Throughout the film, they are provided with plastic food and physical strain. The only motive of these trapped humans is to raise the infants into adults. Meanwhile, they are given the surety of being released once their goal is completed. Although this assurance is fake. The only way of releasing those humans is by killing them. Both Tom and Gemma age while raising the kid. Moreover, the kid grows up into a fine man in no time. Meanwhile, Tom tries to find every possible way of escaping the house. He digs up a hole in the front yard of his house. Throughout the time, he constantly dug up the hole to find a way out. It was a futile effort whatsoever.

All About VivariumAll About Vivarium

It is a sci-fi movie by
XYZ Films and Fantastic Films

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Vivarium Ending Explained

It is a weird science fiction movie. Vivarium deals with the concept of the cuckoo bird’s contribution to nature. Just like the cuckoo bird destroys the other bird’s family so that the latter can raise her eggs, the aliens in Vivarium did the same. They trapped certain couples and destroyed their families. In turn, they gave them infants to raise them like a human. And once the job was done, they were killed. While the raise adults went out in the world to trap another couple and the cycle goes on. The same happened with Tom and Gemma.

Tom discovered a dead body in the tunnel he dug, realizing that he was not the only one who tried to escape by digging a hole. Hence, the futile effort lead him to death. However, towards the end, the alien species locked the couple and went out. Exhausted by years of digging and a plastic food-based diet, Tom died on the pavement. However, Gemma followed the alien adult who crept beneath the pavement on four legs like an animal.

Gemma met a mysterious man who was one of those aliens. He explained that humans are born to raise. Hence, they made them do so. Gemma was devastated by knowing the truth and realizing the bitter comparison of her life with that of a cuckoo bird. Hence, the simple explanation of Vivarium’s ending is that it depicts the existential crisis of the cuckoo bird. Moreover, what will happen if the same things happen among humans? This is depicted by this movie.

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