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Voice Actor Reiō Tsuchida Premieres ‘Nanamental’ Short Anime on May 30

Tsuchida produces, writes, designs characters, provides voice for anime

Voice actor Reiō Tsuchida (Ensemble Stars! Tsukasa Suou) will begin streaming on May 30 on his Twitter account a short anime titled “Nanamental,” which he is co-producing with studio FIREBUG. Tsuchida is the anime’s character designer, writer, and sound editor.

Yurina Amami will voice the main character Naname Hasumi (pictured above on right). The series follows Hasumi’s daily life. Tsuchida will voice Kohei (pictured above on left), Hasumi’s childhood friend. Himika Akaneya will voice a god in a small shrine.

Tsuchida commented that this was his first time doing several production tasks for an anime project.

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