Voice Actress Suzuko Mimori Announces Birth of 1st Child, Ayahi Takagaki Announces Pregnancy

Voice actress Suzuko Mimori announced on her personal blog on Monday that she has given birth to her first child.

She commented: “I have been eagerly looking forward to birthing this small life. I spent my every day cycling between joy and anxiety as my child grew steadily larger in my stomach.”

Regarding future work-related activities, she wrote that her schedule is subject to change depending on her physical condition, but that she will try her best within her capabilities. She asked her fans to look forward to her 10th anniversary as a solo artist next April.

Mimori married professional wrestler Kazuchika Okada in April 2019. Her anime roles include Digimon Adventure tri.‘s Sora Takenouchi, Milky Holmes‘ Sherlock Shellingford, Teekyū‘s Kanae Shinjō, Yuruyuri‘s Himawari Furutani, and Love Live! School idol project‘s Umi Sonoda.

In other voice actor-related news, Ayahi Takagaki also announced on Monday that she is pregnant with her first child, and that she is expected to give birth this fall.

On her blog, she wrote: “I’ve always wanted to become a mother someday. I’ve spent these days feeling how miraculous it is to continue the cycle of life. I am treasuring each and every day so that I can safely give birth to the small life with which I have been blessed.”

She added that after consulting with the doctors, she believes that she will be able to continue her work, and that she aims to return as quickly as possible after giving birth.

Takagaki is a member of the idol group Sphere with fellow singers Minako Kotobuki, Haruka Tomatsu, and Aki Toyosaki. Together they performed theme songs for Squid Girl Season 2, Bakuman. 3, Two Car and more. Takagaki has also performed theme songs solo for Anonymous Noise, Occult Academy, The Legend of the Legendary Heroes, and Juden Chan. She’s starred in multiple anime series as well, including Kakegurui as Sumika, Senki Zesshō Symphogear as Chris Yukine, Sword Art Online as Lizbeth, Land of the Lustrous as Jade, and Durarara!!×2 as Erika Karisawa.

In August 2019, she announced her marriage to a man involved in stage production for her performances.

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