VTuber Agency NIJISANJI EN Opens New Round of Auditions

The English-speaking branch of the NIJISANJI VTuber agency opened auditions for both female and male character VTubers on Thursday. Applications for female characters must be completed before July 11 23:59 JST/07:59 PDT. Applications for male characters are due by August 1 23:59 JST/07:59 PDT.

Auditions are open for four female pre-released characters, tentatively referred to as “Ghost of Darkness,” “Cat of Darkness,” “Bird of Heaven,” and “Fox of Heaven.” Also while the characters are female, applicants can be of any gender. NIJISANJI EN has not pre-released designs for male character VTubers.

NIJISANJI EN introduced its first VTuber group “LazuLight” in May.

The NIJISANJI project launched in 2018 and is run by Ichikara Inc. It is one of Japan’s largest Virtual YouTuber projects, hosting over a hundred VTubers. NIJISANJI EN (English) launched in June. First auditions for the group were held in December.

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