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Warframe The New War: Release Date & Expectations

Warframe The New War Caliban

The world-famous online multiplayer Warframe welcomes a new threat in its latest DLC pack. Undoubtedly, Warframe has global fame as one of the best action role-playing third-person shooter multiplayer online games. However, it’s been a while since the release of the “Prelude to War.” Therefore, Warframe fans were excited to get their hands on the latest DLC, “The New War.” However, the newest DLC is a fun expansion and away towards the game’s future.

Warframe is a role-playing shooter multiplayer online game developed by Digital Extremes. The game first came out for PC on March 25, 2013, and soon after, the release became a massive hit. The success led to the release of a Playstation 4 edition and an Xbox edition the following year. After seven years, it is still one of the most popular games, and new editions are still producing for the latest generation of consoles. Further, the Warframe’s developers keep updating the game with new DLCs, which add new features in the game for gamers to enjoy the game. Let’s take a look into the latest DLC, “Warframe The New War” release date, and more facts about it.

What Is The “Warframe The New War” Release Date?

The latest addition to the Warframe, The New War, is already out. Digital Extreme released the game’s new DLC, Warframe The New War, on December 15, 2021, and is the Update 31. It is the successor to Update 30, Call of the Tempestarii. The latest addition, The New War, is already a massive hit among the Warframe fans, and it continues to expand the popularity of this game with the new Update 31. Further, there are speculations that Digital Extreme is working on the next DLC and might announce it by the new year, January 2022.

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What Is The Plot Of The New War?

The latest DLC, The New War, revolves around the return of the alien race from the Tau System, Sentients. They have further raged war against the Tenno and plans to take on the Origin System. The Sentiments were also the prime villains in the Old War against the Orokin Empire. They almost forced Orokin Empire to their downfall. Thus, the players or the Tenno must stop the Sentients before destroying everything they have fought to protect.

As the DLC continues, we know that the Sentients are not an alien race but an artificial race. They created the Orokin empire as terraforming machines and sent them to the Tau System. However, the Sentients had the extreme ability to adapt, and thus, they also developed sentience. Therefore, the Sentients turned against their creators and raged the Old War upon the Orokin Empire.

What Does The New Warframe DLC Have?

The makers of Warframe are excited a lot about this new DLC, The New War. The New War is not a regular DLC which fixes some bugs and introduces new armors or warframes along with weapons, but it presents a new future for the game. This latest addition is a cinematic expansion that explores a new storyline in the game. Even the Warframe developers believe that this Update 31 will help them expand the game further in a new direction.


The New War is an online single-player quest. Therefore, the players might not team up with their Warframe friends to explore the new update. However, the DLC will introduce the players to new in-game allies, but it will also introduce new enemies. Further, the game will let the players explore new worlds they haven’t explored yet. The New War is the longest quest created by the developers so far. Thus, the players might take a while to finish the New War.

There are also great rewards for completing this cinematic expansion update. One of those mind-blowing rewards is the Caliban. It is a Warframe that Sentients developed. Therefore, this new unique Warframe is the Warframe and Sentient technology hybrid. Further, the Caliban gifts the players with resistance to the type of damage they perform while donning this Warframe. It is only one of the great perks of this free DLC.

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