We Need To Do Something Ending Explained

Sean Kings’ We Need To Do Something ended as unexpectedly as each and every other moment of the film was. Done watching the film? Horror-genre fans, ASSEMBLE! ‘We Need To Do Something‘ is indeed a horror genre movie but! It’s nothing like any horror movie you’ve seen before. Inspired by the novel “We Need To Do Something” by Max Booth III, the film is directed by Sean King O’Grady. The movie is a psychological horror shot within four walls of a bathroom.

A not-so-happy family of four is tormented to die in the worst way possible. Crying, yelling for help, and later not even allowed to cry for help because you don’t know what’s outside trying to find you AND FEED UPON YOU. The movie explains how huge can be the consequence of something done by teenagers out of silly confidence. The gothic aesthetic is beautifully presented in this creepy film, suspense is upheld throughout the movie. You just can not expect the next move I promise!

Melissa and Amy from We Need To Do Something

Who Survived At The End Of “We Need To Do Something”?

With everything under the doubt of hallucination, we see Mel and her mother, Diane still alive(at least on screen). The whole movie is based on unexpected turns; you, for once, may think “this” is going to happen but it never goes that way. The film explicit how everything on the Internet is not true; it can, however, lead to a great amount of loss if brought to action without verification. The viewers are given much more than needed space to think; up till the end. Losing their mind out of hunger and stress, all the family members seem depressed fighting something within themselves.

Melissa being doubtful of the sight

In the end, we witness Mel panicking because of what she witnessed a few moments back which now seems totally unbelievable as everything is pretty much the same in the room and there are no veins(You know If You Know). Diane comes back and hugs Mel, swinging back and forth. Here we see the mother trying to comfort her daughter by saying, “It’s going to be okay” till the last moment. Until…

What Happens In The End?

If you are here, I assume you have seen the movie so there’s not going to be any spoilers ahead. By the end, we are convinced nobody will make it out of the Bathroom but as the entire movie is based on unexpected turns, Diane finally carves the wall and make a wide-enough space for her to pass through it easily. Mel is seen sleeping while Diane was digging and carving. She doesn’t wait for Mel to wake up but what bothers us more is that she didn’t try to take Mel with her.

Isn’t it obvious to stay together in a situation where anything can kill anyone, anytime? It seems just a few hours of carving in the movie that Diane did but in the novel, it is yet again imprecise. Imprecise to an extent that Mel is not sure if her mother kept trying for days, months, or even years.

Did anyone made it out of bathroom in We Need To Do Something
The hole Diane finally makes to go out

Diane’s Observation of Outside World

Diane did go out but the way she comes back explained the situation outside is worse than she or we thought. Not me, I’m an overthinker I thought the sky must be red and creepy creatures craving flesh and blood must be roaming out. She comes back covered in blood from head to toe and refuses to speak about what she saw outside. While she is out of the screen, out of the Bathroom, we see Melissa waking up to Amy. She sees Amy but it’s not any romantic reunion, rather it appears more like betrayal. Amy, looking perfectly fine, traps Mel in the veins that extend from her cut-scars and tongue, choking and squeezing Mel.

Right a moment later, the room is back to normal and Amy is nowhere, neither are veins. At this point, we think it was all Mel hallucinating. But it is confirmed that the horrific encounter really took place by the way Diane says, “I know”. Diane comforts Mel and right when the girl finally calms down, something is heard rushing towards them from the hole Diane made. With a scream, the screen turns Vibrant red, and the movie ends.

Mel’s Sorry Bobby!

Bobby, Mel’s younger brother, is the first one to die in the movie. Another unexpected twist! The movie is filled with dead relationships, relationships of the name but no love. In this circle of dead relationships, only Bobby and Diane share a heartwarming bond. The little boy keeps asking his mom to tell how she has had him in her belly like watermelon and till the very last breath of Bobby, Diane keeps him in her arms. He dies of snakebite while the parents were arguing carelessly and when they finally notice, it’s too late. The child dies a few hours later.

Who died first in We Need To Do Something
Mel and Diane weeping on Bobby’s demise

It is after Bobby’s death that Amy admits her mistake and tells her parents what she and Amy have done. Robert is angry as he should be, Diane is too deep in the grievance, and Mel! Well, Mel’s Sorry Bobby.

What Was Wrong With Robert In We Need To Do Something?

Throughout the movie, Robert is the most detached character. Even in the deadly condition, he is found being mean as ever, more like heartless. He never says a single kind word to his family. From the conversation of Bobby and Diane, we get to know he was never present for the family, not even when the child was about to come to the world. There we know Robert was an alcoholic since time immemorial. Later in the movie, he is found sipping alcoholic wipes which state well how huge an alcoholic he was. The kids were scared of him. They always saw Diane and him fighting which is probably why Mel used to present herself as a goth, as very cold and heartless.

Cold-hearted Robert from We Need To Do Something

What Actually Caused The Storm In We Need To Do Something?

Amy and Mel’s uncertain and most probably(nothing precise) wrong witchcraft brought the destruction. Joe, Amy’s class fellow, used to follow the girl everywhere but the limit was reached as he recorded Mel and Amy having an intimate moment. This pissed off Amy and she decided to use a spell(she found on the Internet) to teach the guy lesson. The plan was to scare him however, it turned out in the death of Joe. When the girls find this out, Amy also tells Mel that she has been feeling like there was something inside her that has been brought to life because of the spell and it’s nothing good for sure. Instead of involving guidance from someone mature, they decide to perform another ritual which probably led to everything that happened later.


It is not precise but the only way we can put this all together is to accept there were Demons brought to the world, especially to the city where the girls lived. Evil spirits were raised encouraging senseless bloodshed and destruction.

Who Shall Be Blamed?

Amy is obviously the most responsible person for everything that happened but Mel has her part in the destruction too. She is found deprived of love and peace which she assumes she will get from Amy but nothing as such happens. Rather, she’s manipulated by Amy. She permits and also helps Amy take her dead dog Spot’s tongue for the ritual. She never even questions Amy out of love. There may be too many things wrong with Melissa but she surely loved Amy unconditionally.

Were Mel and Amy witches?
Melissa and Amy performing some untrustworthy ritual to shut Joe up

Do Mel And Her Mom Ever Escaped The Bathroom?

Diane succeeded in making an exit from the Bathroom they were trapped in. Despite that, it is very sure that they couldn’t escape. The door that opens to the exit is the same door that works as the entrance and so, whatever was causing bloodshed outside must have reached the ladies as we see them both screaming at the very end of the movie. Like everyone else, they must have died too.

Who survived in we need to do something?
Diane comforting her baby girl. Truly, there is no love like that of a mother’s for her child

Usually, series or movies made on books don’t touch the benchmark these written pieces make but honestly, We Need To Do Something as a movie is just as haunting as is the novel.

A Glimpse At The Cast

In the movie we have Sierra McCormick as Melissa, the lead character; Lisette Alexis as Amy, Melissa’s Girlfriend who is also the root of all the bad that occurred; Vinessa Shaw as Diane, Mother of Mel and Bobby; Pat Healy as Robert, Father of Mel and Bobby; John James Cronin as Bobby, Mel’s younger brother.

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