We Own This City Episode 6 Recap: The Season Finale

We present HBO’s We Own This City Episode 6 Recap. This great miniseries covering the rise and fall —a true story by the way— of a corrupt elite police unit in Baltimore reaches a conclusion. Developed by the same masterminds behind HBO’s hit series “The Wire”. The series incorporates some of the same actors from that great show.

The surprising story of a tale of police abuse and corruption reaches its climax. The sheer amount of evidence of vile shenanigans at the BPD is impossible to hide. Plus, the authorities and oversight departments are all over these crooked cops. How does the City deal with them? Let’s find out in the finale of We Own This City.

We Own This City Episode 6 Recap

‘Chapter Six,’ the sixth and final episode of ‘We Own This City,’ begins with FBI Agent Erika Jensen and John Sieracki questioning Wayne Jenkins about his role in the Gun Trace Task Force and its corruption. On the other hand, Jenkins is adamant that he is not a dirty cop and that he has done nothing wrong.

We Own This City Episode 6 Recap
Read our recap and find out how this series concludes.

On the other hand, Jensen reminds Jenkins that cooperating with the FBI and providing vital information to the police may result in a shorter sentence. Furthermore, Jenkins’ colleagues have spoken out against him, and several witness testimonies show that as a cop, Jenkins was involved in corrupt and illegal activities. Jenkins, however, continues to refuse to accept responsibility for the wrongdoings.

Later, Jensen and Sieracki discuss the Umar Burley case with Detective Sean Suiter. Suiter is expected to testify in court and confirm who planted the gun on Burley. On the other hand, Suiter becomes concerned about losing after realizing he can’t hide his knowledge of plainclothes cops stealing money from citizens. Meanwhile, Momodu “G Money” Gondo, Jemell Rayam, and Maurice Ward continue to provide the FBI with sensitive information. They reveal Jenkins’ relationship with Donald Stepp, who assisted the cop in selling seized drugs.

Running Out of Money

Concerns have been raised at the Baltimore Police Department about the department’s ability to comply with the consent decree despite a severe lack of funds. The Mayor flatly refuses Commissioner Kevin Davis’ request for additional budgeting. As a result, he must reduce the pay of his officers to cover the costs of the reforms. Stepp is arrested, and Keith Gladstone is being investigated in connection with the Demetric Simon case.

Stepp and Gladstone both reveal incriminating information about Jenkins’ activities. Nicole Steele resigns from her position due to the Department of Justice’s inability to combat corruption and crime in the city. Sean Suiter dies a day before his grand jury testimony as the GTTF cops prepare for their sentencing.

Rampant Corruption

As the episode progresses, the flaws in the Baltimore Police Department’s system and approach to crime suppression become clear. As a result, GTTF officers must reserve harsh sentencing as a beacon of hope for better and more constitutional policing in the city. Jenkins eventually pleads guilty to some of the charges leveled against him and maintains his position that he did not plant the drugs on Umar Burley.

On the other hand, Jenkins admits to filing a false report in the case. Jenkins accepts his fate and apologizes for his mistakes. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison for failing to cooperate with the investigation.

Meanwhile, Gondo and Rayam are sentenced to 10 and 12 years in prison. Ward and Hendrix entered guilty pleas in court and agreed to cooperate with the investigation. As a result, the cops are sentenced to seven years in prison. Thomas Allers also refuses to cooperate with the federal investigation, which could result in a 15-year prison sentence. Daniel Hersl and Marcus Taylor have declined to enter a not guilty plea and face a federal trial. They are found guilty and sentenced to 18 years in prison. Following the officers’ sentencing, Commissioner Davis folds the plainclothes unit and is fired from his position.

We Own This City Episode 6 RecapWe Own This City Episode 6 Recap
Bad cops get their day, one way or the other.

Cosmetic Changes

Over the next few months, several high-ranking officers and the Mayor will be charged with corruption cases. The new commissioner, Darryl DeSousa, reinstates the plainclothes unit. DeSousa, on the other hand, is forced to resign four months into his tenure after being convicted of federal tax evasion. Mayor Cathrine Pugh has also been charged with tax evasion and fraud, which carries a three-year prison sentence. These incidents highlight the city’s deplorable state of law and order.


Finally, the episode revisits Jenkins’ drug and gun tracking mission from the first episode. Jenkins steals a stash of money during their house search. These scenes are set against images of Jenkins in prison. Jenkins reflects on his actions as a cop as he adjusts to life in prison. In a flashback, Jenkins addresses a group of officers.

This includes several officers with whom he would work as a member of the GTTF. Jenkins’ speech concludes with rousing applause from the officers, who have bought into his mindset. The episode ends with a shot of Jenkins in prison, leaving viewers to consider the city of Baltimore’s profound impact on the GTTF corruption scandal.

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We Own This City Streaming Details

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