Weirdest Characters in Guardians of the Galaxy

Taserface and Mantis from Guardians of the Galaxy

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is home to dozens of colorful, unforgettable comic book characters who come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them feel relatively “normal” such as Black Widow the superspy or the martial artist Shang-Chi, while other characters are truly unique in their design, ranging from their appearance to their powers and personalities.

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This includes plenty of characters from the three Guardians of the Galaxy movies, since that trilogy is all about exploring the weirdest, funniest, and most creative ideas the MCU has to offer. Gamora keeps herself grounded as a serious space assassin and Ronan feels like a typical MCU villain, but most other Guardians characters, heroes and villains alike, push the creative boundaries.



10 The Collector

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The mysterious Collector is one-of-a-kind in the MCU, since he has a totally enigmatic background and would much rather collect rare specimens and items than fight anyone. No one else in the MCU does what he does, even by Knowhere’s own standards.

The Collector, played by actor Benicio del Toro, is a quirky and vaguely insidious supporting character in the Guardians movies who will buy or sell anything – or anyone – for the right price. He even had Howard the Duck in his collection, a truly bizarre but fascinating cameo.

9 Mantis

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Mantis is Star-Lord’s charming half-sister and the MCU’s only known empath. Mantis can sense other people’s emotions with the two antennae on her head, and she can even influence those people’s feelings or put them right to sleep, whether they will it or not.

That alone makes Mantis an unusual and memorable MCU character, but she also stands out for being totally ignorant of the world beyond Ego’s domain. Mantis is amusingly clueless and often says wacky things without realizing it, more so than almost any other Guardians of the Galaxy character.

8 Taserface

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In Phase 3, the Guardians went up against their tackiest and most obnoxious villain yet, the brutish but goofy Taserface. For unknown reasons, this mutinous Ravager decided that “Taserface,” of all things, is an impressive name that would scare his enemies, but Rocket could only laugh.

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Taserface’s bizarre name and dull wits made him a darkly funny and weird Guardians character who wasn’t the least bit likable, but at least he had a clearly defined personality. Even in his dying moments, he tried to impress people with his name, but failed.

7 Groot

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Rocket’s tree-like friend, Groot, immediately established himself as one of the MCU’s weirdest but most likable characters of all in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy. No other character is a plant-man with a deep voice, and even if Groot seemingly dies, he can simply start over as a sapling.

Groot is almost like Chewbacca, a loyal alien friend who is impossible to understand at first when he talks. However, Guardians characters like Rocket and later Star-Lord could interpret “I am Groot” to comprehend what he is really saying.

6 Drax The Destroyer

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The burly Drax the Destroyer doesn’t look unusual by MCU standards, and his fighting style is perfectly ordinary, too. What makes Drax such an oddball is his personality and his thought process, such as his habit of taking things literally.

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Drax will say the oddest things with a straight face, and he will also speak bluntly about crude things that make everyone uncomfortable. These topics are often X-rated, such as describing his parents conceiving him or asking if Ego had a certain X-rated body part on his human form.

5 Adam Warlock

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Adam Warlock made his debut in 2023’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, the end result of Ayesha commenting on her newest, most perfect creation in a post-credits scene from years earlier. Adam is a synthetic being who has immense powers, but he’s also weirdly childlike and inexperienced.

Adam was written to seem like a toddler who’s clumsily experimenting with the world around him, and he doesn’t yet have any restraint or discretion with anything. Adam doesn’t outwardly act juvenile or bratty, though – he simply doesn’t understand how anything works yet.

4 Rocket Raccoon

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Guardians Vol. 3 made it clear that Rocket Raccoon’s unusual nature is much more tragic than it is funny, though Rocket does still stand out as the MCU’s only talking raccoon. Some time ago, the High Evolutionary experimented on Rocket, and turned him into a smart animal who can speak and use advanced technology.

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Rocket Raccoon is touchy about being called a raccoon, though he clearly is one, and he roughly pushes people away when they pry into his business. He’s also known for his sharp wit, his cunning battle plans, and his cynical sense of humor during his time with the Guardians.

3 Star-Lord

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The unofficial protagonist of the Guardians movies, Star-Lord, is much stranger than his outward appearance would suggest. He may seem like a regular fellow with a cool jacket and space helmet, but he is actually half-Celestial, a fact even he didn’t know for a long time.

Star-Lord was conceived when Ego visited Earth, and in Vol. 2, Ego hoped to cultivate Star-Lord’s potential as the son of a Celestial. Star-Lord could even manipulate cosmic energy and turn himself into a giant Pac-Man, but he gave it all up to destroy his villainous father and remain a Guardian.

2 Ego

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Ego ranks among the most powerful MCU villains because he’s an unspeakably ancient and powerful Celestial, meaning he’s one of the universe’s oldest life-forms of all. Eventually, he formed his body into a living planet, complete with a face and a glowing brain for a core.

Ego presented himself as Star-Lord’s friendly, humanoid father, but it was all a ruse. His true form was monstrous and terrifying, and he had the unique goal of spreading his essence across the universe to create life solely on his own terms.

1 Cosmo

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Cosmo made her debut in Phase 5 as an intelligent cosmonaut dog from the Soviet Union. Cosmo is clearly modeled after the real-life dog Laika whom the USSR sent into space in the 1950s, but this space-farer dog had a much more pleasant fate.

Now, Cosmo is determined to be acknowledged as a good dog, and she bristled when Kraglin scolded her as a bad dog instead. The very idea of a talking cosmonaut dog with mild telepathic powers is truly weird, but that’s simply what gives the three Guardians movies their charming flair.

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