What Episode Does Gohan Go Super Saiyan 2?

Gohan Go Super Saiyan 2
Gohan Super Saiyan 2

We all know Gohan from Dragon Ball anime as one of the strongest Saiyans. Gohan is the son of Goku, who trained with him at a young age. He attained his Super Saiyan form at a young age, and it was rare for a kid to become a Super Saiyan. But the enemies that appeared in the anime make the kids of Saiyans reach another level and turn Super Saiyan. Saiyan can take different forms after surpassing their limits, and Gohan also managed to do that at a young age since the fate of the Earth was in his hands. We will know in what episode does Gohan go Super Saiyan 2?

Gohan was the strongest young Saiyan at his age, and his father had to train him to fight the enemies. But his mother, Chi-Chi, didn’t like Gohan to become a fighter since she wanted him to study hard and become something instead of a Saiyan. It was unexpected for Gohan to become a Saiyan through hard work, it pushed him to limits, and he attained a Saiyan form. But before he turned into Super Saiyan 2, he first became a Super Saiyan 1, and it was easy for him to reach another Saiyan level after training.

We all know that most Saiyans use anger or hatred to attain their form or another level. It is also rare for the Saiyan to turn into Super Saiyan using the energy or technique Goku once revealed. Training made Gohan become a Super Saiyan after knowing that an enemy was killing people, which motivated him to attain his Saiyan form. We know that Gohan is a son of Saiyan, and one can say it was easy for him, but it was not that simple because when a Saiyan turns into a Super Saiyan, they must also control their form.

What Episode Does Gohan Go Super Saiyan 2?

The arrival of Cell after the android shocked planet Earth. The villain Cell became more powerful after consuming one of the powerful androids. When Cell takes his full form, he realizes that there is something so-called the level beyond Super Saiyan, and he opens the fighting tournament to lure everyone out. Goku also entered the tournament and decided to show Cell different forms of Saiyans. But he decided to let Gohan handle everything since he believes that Gohan is the Saiyan that can defeat Cell.

Gohan Go Super Saiyan 2Gohan Go Super Saiyan 2
Gohan vs. Cell

Cell accepted the challenge, and Goku made him wait. Gohan turned Super Saiyan 2 in Dragon Ball Z Episode 185, “Awakening.” This happened after Gohan went training with Goku in Time Chamber. After the training, the duo went to face Cell. Cell continued to fight Gohan’s friends. Cell was fighting Goku when he decided to let Gohan take over.

But Cell was not impressed since he wanted to fight Gohan at his full power. Gohan holds back and toys with Cell, who makes him angry. Cell hurt Gohan’s friends after realizing that Saiyans become stronger when you hurt their beloved ones. This made Gohan power up and turns into Super Saiyan 2, which surprised everyone.

Gohan Go Super Saiyan 2Gohan Go Super Saiyan 2

He makes Cell pay for killing everyone, and things become interesting when Cell receives a killer blow that makes him puke one of the androids that Krillin loves. Despite turning into a Super Saiyan 2, Gohan took his time to make Cell pay and beat him to a point where he turned back to his ugly form. Gohan also got hurt in his Saiyan form and decided to perform the famous signature move.

In Super Saiyan 2 form, Gohan uses “Kamehameha” to erase Cell once and for all after Goku sacrificed himself to save the Earth since Cell wanted to blow the Earth. We saw Gohan surpassing his limits and turning Super Saiyan 2 to erase Cell from existence for the first time. After the battle, Gohan took his normal form and moaned about his father’s death. But he was happy when he learned that Goku would return soon. Gohan decided to focus on his studies despite knowing that he could reach Super Saiyan 2.

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